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   Chapter 198 Waiting For tomorrow (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6619

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Eric knew that Brian was bothered - he knew him too well, he could read it in his eyes. Eric continued to chatter with Brian about the island, completely disregarding Molly's presence. 'Since when did Brian start to trust her? Since when could we talk about business in front of a woman?' Eric thought, a grin plastered on his face.

As soon as they finished their conversation, Eric got up and left.

He got into his car and turned Molly's shell over his palm. His mind was racing - he couldn't take his mind off Molly's surprise when she saw him and how she turned red around Brian.

Eric felt his body stiffen up at this thought. He wished he didn't feel jealous but he did. He wished he was still too arrogant for these kinds of things but he wasn't.

Eric closed up his palm hiding the shell from his sight. He stared blankly outside - deep in thought. His face slowly broke into a smile - not the delightful kind of smile but the knowing kind of smile as if he was planning something, as if he had just figured something out. He turned the engine on and started to back his car up.

The next day, the sun shone so brightly in the early morning as if it was shining for the very first time.

Molly sat under a sunshade in the Seaview Hotel backyard, eating her breakfast alone. Brian and Tony had already left. Her mind was deep in thought, it was racing from what she had heard between Eric and Brian the previous night. The island was big enough for it to accommodate an underground scene, a place where the rich could squander off their money, but never a casino. And she heard that Brian was planning to operate a casino few times of the size of Grand Night Casino.

Molly lifted the glass of milk she was having for breakfast and touched her lips to the rim - lost in thought.

"Isn't it a little bit too early for you to be thinking about Brian?"

a voice suddenly said. The man took a seat beside Molly.

Molly had no idea how he got here - she usually h

tically owned Dragon Island - they were basically royalty. He was trained to be the heir of his family and led a wealthy life. He had received thousands of presents from people so he was blinded by privilege thinking no one could be so poor that they've never received a present in their whole life.

Eric watched Molly quietly. 'I didn't even think I liked her before, ' Eric realized. 'Maybe because I thought she was weak. If her eyes didn't look like Becky's, Brian wouldn't even look at her.'

'But if you get to know her better, you'll find that Molly has some resistance in her body - she's stubborn. That's what she is. But she keeps that to herself.' Eric thought to himself.

Molly was starting to feel uncomfortable as she felt Eric's eyes on her - he was watching her in a weird way. "What's happening?" Molly asked.

"Little Molly, I promise you," Eric said, taking her hand,"No matter what happens in the future..." Eric meant every word he said to her as he held on to Molly's hands tightly,"I will send you a gift every year." Eric promised her.

This was a simple promise but it made Molly's heart skip a beat. She had forgotten that Eric was still holding her hand and that they were still staring intently at one another in silence. At this exact moment, Eric had taken Molly's breath away.

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