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   Chapter 197 Waiting For tomorrow (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6673

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Lenny didn't know what Eric was talking about but she kept her mouth shut. She didn't ask him anything. She never did - she never asked him questions she didn't want answers to.

"Let's just--- go back," Eric started pulling Lenny towards where they were parked. When they had gotten inside the car, Eric remained quiet - keeping his eyes towards the city, the light reflecting on his blue eyes. He was deep in thought.

Truth be told, Eric only came to the island to check what he could invest in. With the booming economy here, he figured it was worth a try. The Eastern District's success was practically overnight. Eric thought, 'This entertainment center right here, in the Southern District, will soon be like the Eastern one. I need to act fast. Such a booming island has any reasons to attract Dragon Empire Group to penetrate it, but how can a place have a dark auction club but no casinos?'

Eric didn't realize that they had already arrived at the Seaview Hotel - he was so caught up in his own thoughts. Eric bid Lenny good night and paid Brian a visit in his room.

Eric didn't realize that the elevator door had already opened. He was able to step out just as the elevator doors were closing. He spotted Tony along the corridor," Is Brain here?" Eric asked.

"Mr. Brian Long is out with Miss Xia," Tony responded. Tony bowed his head as he spoke.

Eric scrunched up his eyebrows - thinking. This was unusual, he hadn't expected this. "Brain brought little Molly here?" Eric asked, he was confirming.

"Yes, sir," Tony answered solemnly. "It was an official decision of Mr. Brian," Tony added.

Eric smiled," Thanks, man," he said, reaching out to shake Tony's hand. Eric didn't know what to make of this and he felt that Tony could somehow sense that he was bothered by what he had just told Eric. He covered his jealousy under his smile.

"Do you know where they're going?" Eric added. He had just thought to ask. 'Maybe, it could help, ' Eric thought to himself.

ot over his shock quickly when he realized something, a light bulb practically switched on his eyes - "You can come work for me" "You can be my..." Eric said," ... personal assistant," he finished.

"I..." Molly trailed off.

"She can't do that," He pulled Molly closer to his body never taking his eyes off Eric, unblinking. "Have you ever been to the dark auction club?" Brian asked Eric grimly.

Brian had said it as a question but he already knew the answer to that.

Eric shrugged, unfazed," Brother! How come you know about the club?"

"Don't play with me, Eric," Brian gritted through his teeth. He put his arm around Molly as they walked towards the lounge chairs by the beach - his expression unreadable. Molly could do nothing but followed him - her expression uncomfortable.

Eric felt something drop inside him when he saw Molly's face. He shrugged it off and followed suit behind Brian.

"My brother, have you seen Aaron yet?" Eric glanced at Molly before answering," No, I haven't," Brian's eyes were looking straight ahead, emotionless. Brian turned towards Molly and noticed how uncomfortable she was. 'I was supposed to meet Aaron today but...'

he thought to himself, 'This girl's going to change everything. I even changed my plans for her, ' He couldn't quite ascertain his own feelings yet.

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