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   Chapter 196 Waiting For tomorrow (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6564

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It was an extremely gloomy day.

The QY island renders differently at night - it twinkles and radiates pure charm by the time the moon arrives.

The island was scintillating as if it was a dark night sky littered with yellow stars.

The yellow stars emitted the most beautiful sparkling making the entire night special somehow - stunning, even.

Veiling the sky were the luminous stars hovered over the island.

The QY island was a gift from mother nature - it was opulent and fruitful. This made the island a popular tourist-spot and gain international attention.

However, because as what happens to all commercialized tourist-spots, businesses, small and large as like would start sprouting left and right. Everything could be found in the island now - luxurious food, wine, and entertainment.

Across the Eastern District of QY island was the Southern District where business was also booming. At the heart of the Southern District was an entertainment center where traffic was a constant and people never slept. Cars that definitely cost a pretty penny were parked in front of the center and only men in suits drove them. These people were tycoons and businessmen - people of wealth and stature.

Eric watched everything happen from his car - he sat there, eyeing the people. He glance over to Lenny, a mischievous look plastered on his face,"Let's go in!"

"Apologies, Young Master, but not everyone can get in. Only those with an invitation." Lenny's eyes were the shape of an almond's, it rested underneath her eyebrows that crooked upwards - teasing Eric.

Eric laughed at Lenny's words and slid a black card printed with golden words out of his pocket. He held the black card up,"Don't forget about Aaron," Eric winked. "There isn't a single place on the island I can't go to. I go wherever I please,"

"Young Master, this is not the first day I know you, but I'm still not comfortable about what you do," Lenny was starting to get im

omment. He was so focused on the items being sold, like he was eager to buy something.

They sat through the auction for about an hour until Eric got bored. Eric tugged on Lenny's arms,"Let's leave, I'm bored," he said, almost childlike. Lenny nodded and stood up - they headed out, leaving the city before anything interesting could even happen.

"The best part hasn't even started, right?" Lenny blurted as she glanced over at Eric. As much as she was against going there at first, Lenny was also curious as to why Eric really wanted to come here. He obviously didn't just go here to wander around aimlessly.

"Yes, it hasn't even started yet, remember?" Eric responded, giving her a wink. The items that were up for auction that day were rare finds acquired illegally. This didn't surprise Eric at all because this was commonplace for countless countries to hold auctions and even have dark auction clubs where they sold treasures like this. However, there was something about this auction that didn't seem right. It was different - at least to Eric it was. He had a gut feeling and he was rarely wrong about these things - the items that were put on auction for that day were just appetizers, so to speak. He knew the main courses were yet to come but none of these things were of interest to Eric.

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