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   Chapter 194 The First Encounter (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5611

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"Oh?" Brain coughed lightly. His eyes fell on Molly's slim and soft hand which he kept rubbing. He frowned, wondering why they were always so cold.

In A City, now was the coldest time of the year. Brian never actually paid much attention to the cold weather in the city. But he silently wondered why Molly's hands were still cold in a subtropical city like the QY Island.

"There is a rumor that he is in some kind of complicated relationship with a woman who has connections with some big family here. Sorry, I am just too bored to pry into things deeply," Shawn continued in his mocking tone.

Brian did not lift his head," Why bother about things that has nothing to do with business?" he asked coldly. He understood what Shawn meant. He had known him since their childhood and had spent a longer time with him than with Richie, Shirley or Wing.

A faint smile swept over Shawn's face, which Molly happened to see through the wing mirror. Though she was still terrified of him, she couldn't help but be absorbed by his enchanting smile. 'How could that kind of smile be on a man's lips? How is it possible? Amazing!' she was fascinated again.

Suddenly, a slight pain in her palm drew her out of the trance. She glared at Brian. He paid no heed. His esoteric and deep eyes were still staring at her hand in his palm.

Molly tried not to enjoy the situation and went on to show contempt. She averted her face away from Brian. 'It's better to stay away from such a dangerous person. I still have my escape plan in place. I can not afford any awkward situation. It is not worthwhile, ' she pondered.

"Is Eric here yet?" Brain raised his head and asked in his indiffe

ays rather independent ever since he was a child. He never liked sharing his room with others, not even with Wing. But today, he is willing to break his lifetime convention merely for this woman?'

He was completely engrossed in his own thoughts, 'If I am right, Brian didn't have this level of intimacy even towards Becky.

Has he turned his back on Becky already?'

He was still drowned in his thought when the elevator door opened and Tony called out to him. He leaned against the glassy wall of the elevator while it climbed up. His mind still lingered on what he had just seen and it gradually filled his mind with excitement. His seductive, enchanting eyes shined with a sinister fascination.

Tony glanced at him and knew what he was thinking. "You can go ahead and do whatever is on your mind, but rest assured Brian will have his revenge," he said coldly.

Shawn was stunned by Tony's words. He had not expected that from Tony. But wondering about what could happen to Brian in the near future, he was more fascinated and excited than ever, 'Would Brian take Richie's path? What would happen then?'

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