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   Chapter 193 The First Encounter (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5613

Updated: 2019-02-08 06:28

"Shawn, no!"

Brian exclaimed.

But it was too late.

The gun had already been fired and it was aimed directly at Molly. Brian quickly turned around instinctively and jerked Molly aside, who was completely numb with terror in her enlarged eyes. The bullet swished past her ear and with a thud, hit the plane behind her, making a terrible rebound sound.

All that happened in the blink of an eye.

Molly just stood there. Her body shivered violently because of the sudden horror. After a month of 'getting along' with Brian, she thought she had become accustomed to such things. But apparently she was not. The moment the bullet flew past her ear, she almost lost consciousness; she felt as if her blood had frozen in fear.

Brian was enraged, in a manner so strong and intense that he did not even realize it himself. His brows knotted, anxious to know if Molly was hurt. After making sure that she had dodged the bullet, he turned furiously towards Shawn, who was standing there with his gun in one hand, staring at them with his sinister, amorous eyes. "How dare you?" Brian asked furiously.

"I hate being treated like a woman. I hate it more than anything else!" Shawn was middle-aged and unlike other men his age, he looked extraordinary feminine- a feminine beauty that penetrated his every motion and expression. At first, he thought that as he grew up, this beauty would diminish gradually with the wheels of time. But it didn't. In fact, he looked more demure and prettier than ever. It was also why Shirley made fun of him from time to time and made it unbearable for him.

Brian knew him well. Shawn could tolerate Shirley's mocking and his taunting, but th

ain that there was no escape. She was so close to Shawn. She could even see the flash of light and she sensed the faint wind the bullet made as it flew past her. But Brian had pushed her out of its way and saved her.

That was when she had this feeling for the first time. She felt that as long as Brian was with her, no harm would come to her and she could get out of any dangerous situation.

"What has Aaron been doing lately?" Brian asked absent mindedly. He did not meet Molly's passionate eyes though he sensed her looking at him; his motion was more casual than intentional.

Shawn looked back at Molly first and gave her a cold look. "The QY Island Parliament has issued some negative comments on the opening of the casino in the Eastern district. The islanders have some objections as well. I know Aaron is working on it. Though I am not sure what exactly he has been doing, it looks like the people who were objecting initially have gradually started supporting the casino," he said in a mocking tone. He wasn't impressed by Aaron's work. "He has been acting really strange lately," he said pointedly.

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