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   Chapter 192 Danger, The Flying Bullet (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7432

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Tony sighed lightly. He found himself drifting farther and farther, away from Brian. He neither understood his thoughts, nor his feelings for Molly. He just knew that Brian had never brought any woman along when he went on a business trip, not even Becky. Still occupied with his own thoughts, Tony pulled a blanket over himself and covered his eyes with a mask. He remembered the times when Becky took offense to Brian not taking her along. Brian had never agreed to her constant badgering, and never even given it any consideration. To him, Brian was an extremely cold-hearted man lacking any emotion. Today however, to his surprise, Brian was bringing Molly with him. What's more astonishing was that he dragged her along, whether Molly liked it or not. During the whole flight, he was puzzled and overwhelmed by all these thoughts. He had covered himself with a blanked and a mask, but he was unable to sleep.


Meanwhile at Steven's house, Steven sat in his chair, with a blank face, gawking ahead of him. The whole room was filled with smoke and an acrid smell of nicotine met the nose with a punch. The whole day, he smoked one cigarette after another. Cigarette butts were strewn here and there, on the floor, on the furniture and even in the cracks on the wall.

Sharon watched him the whole time, worried and attentive. But she dared not ask him. She knew he didn't like her poking her nose where she shouldn't, especially after she had had the operation. As it had been a while since the surgery, she felt that she was gradually recovering, and unlikely to get worse.

"Has... has he come for you?" Unable to bear the stress and tension in her heart any longer, she asked him quickly as if any prolonged time would easily upset Steven.

There was no answer. He just pinched out the cigarette he was smoking with his shivering hand and pulled another from the cigarette case and flicked the lighter to produce a flame. He lit the new stick, put it between his lips and gave it a deep and long suck, as if to devour all of his stress and panic into his stomach so he could no longer feel it in his mind.

"Has he been looking for you several times?" Though Sharon knew that she wouldn't get an answer, she c

ll of these were merely instinctive actions under dangerous circumstance. However, a flame of warm light came into Brian's eyes, at least, she had an instinctive impulse to protect himself.

The car made a sudden stop just ahead of their feet.

The harsh squeal of the brakes sounded extremely shrill on the wide-open tarmac. Terrified of nearly being hit by the car, a shiver of rage came over Molly's veins. She was just about to growl at the driver as the door opened and a man came out from inside...

She couldn't believe her eyes. It was a man with a surprisingly beautiful face. A face that would make every woman would feel loved and not ashamed of themselves.

Molly's eyes enlarged, with her mouth half opened. now, all of the anger changed into fascination. If not for the knot on her throat, she wouldn't have believed that the person she was looking at at the moment was actually a man. Especially the pair of glamorous and enchanting eyes, even a blink, would have intrigued every living thing on earth. Molly went completely numb, staring gawky at the man

Shawn was just about to greet Brian as he approached. But then, his eyes fell on Molly who was staring motionlessly at himself in full of amazement. Instantly, a ghastly chill came over his face, his eyes flickered with a sudden attempt of killing...

It was not until then Brian realized the change on Shawn's face. But before he even moved, Shawn's hand had already reached out into his pocket...

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