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   Chapter 191 Danger, The Flying Bullet (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6211

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Except for Jason, no one had ever noticed her connection with Brian. So without drawing any attention and gossip, she worked rather happily as ever. The only difference was that as she started to wait on VIP rooms instead of at the lobby, she was beginning to earn a great deal more tips. As she had always been thrifty, she put all of the money she earned in the bank, in case one day they should come in handy.

Knocking lightly on the door, Molly softly pushed the door open and walked into the room. One never needed to wait for the customer to approve to enter unless they had specifically required it. Dressed in a claret colored waiter's dress Molly delivered the wine on a tray. As she approached the table, she stooped down and laid the wine on the table next to the clients, then just as quickly withdrew from the room. Though she had been waiting on the VIP rooms for some time, she was still filled with astonishment when seeing piles of money being gambled on the table.

Sometimes she wondered how different people could be. Some people work hard, their whole lives, from sunrise to sunset, only to earn enough money to keep them full and sheltered. But some people could lavish the same or even a bigger amount within a few minutes. On the flip side, some people would suddenly become wealthy overnight...

Brooded for a short while, Molly gave her shoulders a slight shrug. She curled her lips slightly up in discontent at the thought and went back to her work. She was not aware that all of her actions were being watched and recorded clearly through the surveillance system and displayed in different angles on different screens, placed right in front of Brian. At the moment, he sat there, his eyes fixed on the screen, staring intently at Molly, absorbed as she was busy at the casino.

Tony stood in the corner of the room and watched

k to my own business. Who knows what is waiting for me on that QY Island? I don't even see what he is up to, at all' she thought.

"From now on, you are fired!" Without saying another word, Brian dragged Molly into the elevator. A raging anger swept across his eyes and his breathing was heavy as they went in. Sweat had formed on his forehead.

Tony, who had been waiting at the elevator continued to be puzzled and astonished when he saw Brian drag Molly into the elevator. It was no doubt that Brian was going to take Molly with him. Brooding in his thoughts, Tony pressed the button for the underground parking lot.

There was a complete silence in the car all the way to the airport. Each of them had fallen deep in their own thoughts. In the small and confined space of the car, the atmosphere was tense and uncomfortable. Tony looked suspiciously at Brian, and then over to Molly, trying to find out some clues that could satisfy his excessive curiosity. The indescribably weird atmosphere wafted in between Brian and Molly the whole way, even after they have boarded the plane. After they have settled in, the captain made the usual announcements and the speaker and prepared for takeoff. They were airborne, not long after.

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