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   Chapter 190 Danger, The Flying Bullet (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7350

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Brian looked keenly into Molly with his deep and attractive eyes as she sat there, with brows knitted. She was not happy at his statement that she was his girl. He somehow liked to see her sulk. He felt that it made her look lovely and amusing. Watching Molly narrow her eyes lightly and staring at him in ire, his eyes glistened in a wonderful, cunning smile. All of a sudden, he lunged forward and grabbed her in the arm, pulled her closer and kissed her fervently on her lips. Molly, completely stunned by the sudden kiss, was momentarily unable to move, then instinctively tried to scream out. However, he did not give her any chance. The second she opened her mouth, his lips caught hers and he devoured them, blocking any sound and savoring her mouth until he was satisfied and let go.

The kiss lasted long and was intense. Molly gasped slightly for a moment. Her face blushed all the way to her neck as an electric feeling rushed all over her body. Though she felt utterly abashed, she stared fiercely at Brian.

Brian paid no heed at her ire. He just got up from the bed and put on his suit. "I will be busy all day long. You don't have to wait for me for lunch. But I will come back and have dinner with you." and without another word, he walked out of the room and was gone.

It was not until the door closed behind him that Molly came out of her trance. She grumbled unwillingly and in a mild fit of rage, she buried her face into the pillow, furious at Brian's ignorance of her feeling. Then she turned over and got off from the bed. She was going to wash when her phone rang. It was a text from Aunt Shirley...

'Little Molly, no matter how difficult the road ahead might be, you must always believe that there is a beautiful twilight gleaming and waiting for you, guiding you to a happy, wonderful life!' Reading the text, Molly's heart felt warm and fuzzy with gratitude. A flash of warm light flickered in her eyes. She was happy and grateful.

It was a pure gleam of gratitude. She felt very lucky to have someone who cared so much about her and was concerned about her. She closed her eyes as she smiled softly, warmly...

'Thanks Aunt Shirley, I will. No matter how difficu

ced through the layers of thick clouds and finally passed through the atmosphere and climbed up above. It was as if everything had fallen back into order. With no Park Shin Chun, no Wing, no Spark, not even Richie and Shirley, everything had returned to their former status.

However, to Molly, things were completely different. There was no way she would turn around and go back to her former life. What happened in the past had already happened. and it had completely changed her relationship with others, not to mention Edgar, Brian or Eric whom she did not know in the past.

"Molly, here is the wine ordered by No 7 VIP room!"

"I'm coming up to deliver it now!" Molly took the wine from the bartender and put it on the tray. She then walked toward the No 7 VIP room. After Wing's concert, she went back to work at the Grand Night Casino. With the variation of Brian's attitude toward her recently, she sometimes found herself having some strange, complicated feelings toward him. However, every time, she would think about the 'Love Game' that Brian mentioned to her, her heart would feel a certain flash of disappointment.

She had to control her emotions. It was the only thing that she could control at the moment after what had happened that night. Now that she had given her body, she could not give her heart just like that again. 'If one could not control her own heart, it would be absolutely pathetic!' She pondered on her way to the VIP room.

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