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   Chapter 189 Danger, The Flying Bullet (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7567

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It was early in the morning. The beginning of a dim and gloomy day.

The skies of A city were shadowed by layers of dark clouds.

The morning sun, faintly and desperately trying to shine through the dark blanket of grayness, was now gleaming dimly, its rays weakly touching the face of the earth. It was a hopeless wrestle between the sun and clouds, with the sun seeming to have consumed most of its energy overcoming the clouds and now powerless and exhausted.

Molly was still in her bed. After a night of lazy sleep, she was now beginning to wake up. As a habit, she first wrinkled her brows slightly and then opened her mouth and made some unidentifiable sleepy voice, then drew out her hands from under the quilt and rubbed her sloppy, still-sleepy eyes. After all this series of slothful actions, her eyes gradually opened. However, to her astonishment, the moment her eyes got used to her surroundings, her blood started pumping quickly and was completely awoken at the sight in front of her...

'It is an illusion, just an illusion, nothing more! I must be dreaming!'

Fighting with herself at what she saw, Molly blinked her eyes rapidly for a moment in hope of sobering herself up and be awake from "The Dream". But every time as she opened her eyes again, she saw the exquisite, well-shaped face, with eyes still closed and sleeping peacefully next to her. She was completely taken aback. As much as she wanted to believe that this was all an illusion, but she could not deny her awareness of the clear sound and warm, regular faint wind as Brian breathed.

Somehow perceiving Molly's astonishment, Brian slowly opened his eyes. He was met with a pair of enlarged, stunned eyes staring directly into his face. He neither blinked, nor moved. He just lay there and watched her in faint amusement with his lips slightly curled inward. Molly went stiff at his expression. As much as she felt shocked and embarrassed, seeing his deep, charming eyes so close to her, she felt an indescribable attraction.

Not long after, suddenly recovering from her trance, Molly sprung up from her bed and instinctively sunk her head to check her body under the quilt. A wave of relief came over her when she made sure that she was wearing pajamas. Then she raised

Richie was not the kind of person who would spoil his kids. As long as they were within his control, he would allow them to do whatever they wanted. Brian had always hated that feeling. He felt as if he was a prisoner, trapped in an invisible and unbreakable cage. He had always wanted to escape from Richie's control. He knew that in order to achieve his goals, he must prove that he had enough power and intelligence to surpass anything that would ever get in his way. That's why, ever since the day Richie involved him in the affairs of the company, Brian had been learning, trying to gain as much knowledge and as many abilities as possible. He had always had a firm conviction that one day Richie would recognize his power and would no longer insist on his control over him. He was not aware that his deep resolution and determination actually shut him off, and away from some things that he should have learned or experienced as a boy or as a man in the process... Sometimes, he had a feeling that some kind of hole remained there, deep down in his heart. A huge gaping hole, hollow and vacant, that made him question himself every now and then. And he could not get it out of his mind. He had never actually figured out what it was or how to remedy it. But ever since the day he saw Molly, he started to have an inexplicable, vague feeling that something in her was gradually fulfilling the gap in his heart and appeasing the emptiness in his heart that kept asking questions that remained unanswered.

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