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   Chapter 187 The Game Of Love (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6616

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Brian suddenly gave a loud laugh. He rarely laughed, and just like what Shirley said, Brian was the kind of man who knew nothing but to put on an indifferent poker face almost every time.

But in that rare moment, he burst a good laugh. Unlike his faint smiles, his laugh was so loud and full that it could grab anyone's attention. His grin was even more attractive than the sunny ones hanging on Eric's lips. Molly felt how it captured her heart despite knowing the possibilities of danger behind it.

After hearing Brian laugh, Molly's heart shrank from fear. She couldn't help but stare at the wide grin on Brian's face. She had never felt so scared, that not even the thought of seeing Brian's cold face could make her tremble that way.

She couldn't stop herself from being swallowed by fear, and she mumbled,"I… I…"

"You said I know nothing about love, right?"

Brian asked in a raised voice.

"I…," Molly replied with no other words to say.

The corner of her mouth started to twitch uncontrollably.

"Mol," Brian called out her name in a dangerous yet charming tone.

He lifted his hand and brushed her face with his fingers before they stopped on her shivering lips. He stared at her nervous face and said word for word,"Let us have a try, okay?"

His low, attractive voice sounded more graceful than the sound of Wing playing the piano. It even sounded more fascinating than Spark's violin played. Molly, who seemed to forget about the uncomfortable touch of the stairs, looked at him blankly and asked at a loss,"Try? Try what?"

"Let's try and see…

whether I know about love or not. You now have the opportunity to know the answer yourself," Brian replied in a lower voice.

His face was already close to hers. As he finished those words, Molly smelt the same faint fragrance of mint coming from him that made her look even more perplexed.

He then continued,"It will be nothing more than just a game, a game where the loser…," Brian pause

a crew cut and resolute look was found in the screen.

Although he wasn't as handsome as Brian, the cold indifference radiating from him was similar to him. A murderous aura could be felt upon him, a kind that would bring chills to every ordinary person who would be looking at him even from the screen. The black diamond in his ear, which was a token from the XK Intelligence Agency called as "the Soul of K", added to his fearsome look which was similar to that of a Grim Reaper.

"Mr. Brian Long!"

The man, Vincent, greeted as he bowed to Brian respectfully.

"Do you now have the data that I asked for?"

Brian asked with a shade of displeasure.

The look on Vincent's face didn't falter. "Mr. Richie Long sent his men to intervene in our moves, and we failed to follow the clues," he said, pausing in silence before giving his reply.

Brian furrowed slightly. "He seems too carefree, don't you think?"

Vincent didn't reply to his question, nor did he express any emotions on his face. "Mr. Richie Long hasn't intervened in the affairs of XK for some years."

Brian raised his eyebrows, and an indifferent arrogance appeared in his eyes.

He didn't know why Richie wanted to prevent him from investigating that thing, but a game wouldn't be interesting enough if no obstacles got in the way.

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