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   Chapter 186 The Game Of Love (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5712

Updated: 2019-02-07 00:27

"Hmph! Maybe it was you who did it on purpose!" Molly replied.

Molly couldn't hide the embarrassment she was feeling as her face started to blush.

Biting her lips softly, she glared at Brian with piercing fierce in her eyes.

She was so angry that she forgot she was still on top of Brian.

After seeing Molly so agitated, Brian closed his eyes for a bit. He looked at Molly through eyes filled with strong emotions. "Okay, let's just pretend that I did it on purpose," he said in an attractive tone.

Upon finishing his words, he stretched out his arms and reached for Molly. He pushed her head towards him, kissing her heavily even before Molly could react.

"What the…?!"

Molly tried her best to get away from Brian, but his strong hands were firmly holding her body. One hand pinned her head tightly against him, while the other was pushing her waist near his body. There was no way she could escape from Brian's grip.

A hint of mint coming from his breath lingered under her nose. She couldn't help but stare longingly at Brian's face, who was now extremely close to her. She couldn't understand why her heart was racing so fast. Was it because she felt guilty after lying to him? Or was it because of his sudden intimate moves? One thing was for sure, she didn't have the answers.

Due to the passionate kiss that they shared, Molly felt her chest tightening. She was starting to run out of breath. Meanwhile, her ragged and strained breathing gushed warm air upon his face.

Brian eventually pulled away from Molly who was leaning against his shoulders. With a hot and flushed face, she raised her head, looking at Brian passionately. She could hear her heart pounding heavily. She

g through his eyes, he gradually lost emotions, his stare becoming as cold as ice.

Molly got uneasy with the sudden change from Brian's stare. She then realized that her words might have caused it. Her lips twitched unnaturally as she continued to say in a tough tone,"It's now clear to me that you know nothing about love.

You keep saying that I am not qualified, but what about you? Are you even qualified to talk about love?"

Despite her strong and rough words, she was arguing back with a guilty conscience. But after saying all of it, she remained firm and continued to show him a brave and unsympathetic face.

Brian's face darkened. His eyes started to become as deep as an abyss that could swallow the soul of anyone who dared to look right at them.

Upon seeing Brian's expression, a short scream of fright covered Molly. She was already pinned down by Brian on the stair steps with the edges pressing against her back. Molly frowned in pain at the sight of Brian. Her heart sank along with his, but she continued to say with a stubborn face,"What are you doing? Are you angry because you feel ashamed by the truth?"

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