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   Chapter 185 An Accident, A Pure Accident! (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6016

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"Yes, I will!" Spark raised his eyebrows and signaled Manny to start moving. Then Spark took the lead in walking towards a road side.

Manny felt powerless whose shoulder dropped, as if he already accepted his fate at the hands of Spark. He said," We have to be at the airport in a few hours. What are you planning to do with the remaining time?"

"Walk and take a look around…"

"But it's freezing cold!"

"You can just go ahead to the airport without me. There is air conditioning there!"

"And what if you run away?"

"Then clearly, you have no choice…"

The voices coming from Spark and Manny fainted away as they disappeared in the crowds. Meanwhile, what happened between Spark and Molly seemed like a brief episode in their lives. Like passersby in the street, little did they know they would be connected so much that the trace they would cause could not be erased from their lives.


The luxury Benz was steadily approaching the roads of A City during the night. A gush of cold wind could be felt from the inside and the silence was deafening.

Molly was stunned at the sight of who was inside the car. Brian was inside.

Brian uttered not a single word during their trip and did not take a look at her at all. Instead, he just looked ahead as if he was alone and that nobody was sitting beside him.

Molly's heart was heavy. A mixture of fear, pain and unexplainable emotions filled her heavy heart. Finally, she could no longer bear the silence and said," Well, I I..."

She tried, but no other words came out. Molly thought, 'Whatever I say would sound like an excuse and I will still be punished by Brian, so why not take a risk?!' She gritted her teeth and nervously said," I did not mean to lie. I didn't want to be taken out by Spark Su. Then, then…"

Her spi

balance. However, due to the force and sense of urgency, Molly felt upon falling down, her body flung forwards with a much greater force.

Brian did not expect that Molly's force was so large. Because he did not expect such a case and was a bit careless, he got carried by Molly's force, got knocked down as if he was sitting on the stairs. He did not expect to be pressed down by Molly who was now reclining in front of him. As he was about to support her, her soft lips were placed on top of his thin lips, which were somewhat unhappy…

The incident was killing Molly silently. She thought, 'How dramatic could this get? And twice a day?'

Molly could not hide her embarrassment which could be clearly seen in the corner of her eyes. Her mouth twitched silently. She stood up and looked at Brian who was now in a daze while still reclined. Brian who had always been arrogant was now confused and in a state of shock. She took the courage and blurted," Well… it was an accident, a pure accident!"

Brian did not move. Molly, who became timid and sly in his eyes, was cornered by Brian as he answered with words coming from his thin lips," Really? Why do I feel like you did it on purpose?"

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