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   Chapter 184 An Accident, A Pure Accident! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5810

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Bill, surprised after hearing that, looked at Edgar with astonishment as he took his lollipop out of his mouth.

Edgar, feeling the curiosity at Bills face, glanced at bill without giving any explanation.

The Dragon Empire Group owned an island, of which not many outsiders know about. It was an island governed by a mixture of monarchy and democracy, where the person who held the most power acted as a country leader. The primary reason why The Dragon Empire Group was able to maintain its system for years was because every power holder was trained strictly and vigorously from childhood... There was no single spoiled child. With this, how could Eric be simple?

However, with the current situation, it was quite hard to understand. It seemed like Eric and Mr. Long had an unusual relationship, didn't they?

A deep perverse light appeared in Edgar's eyes that disappeared quickly. He looked at Bill and said,"It's getting late. Head back home and I will spend the rest of the night here."

Bill nodded. He was not surprised. Since Jenifer was at the mayor's house, 'perhaps the mayor can't put up with her, can he? ' Bill thought.

After Bill left, Edgar entered a small apartment suite next to his office which was specially prepared for him. After taking a good bath, he walked to the terrace in a bathrobe and stared at the sight of the whole City Council's courtyard filled with darkness. Only a faint light from his lamp inside could be seen from the whole building.

A strong cold wind gushed at Edgar's faced, raising his fine short hair and exposing his forehead. Despite the darkness, a scar with a size half of a finger could be seen on his forehead.

Looking ahead, Edgar recalled the scene of how Molly and Sp

between peers, different from how he usually behaves in front of others. He only answered,"Please convey the same thanks of mine to her."

"I will." Tony smiled and nodded. He then opened the car door for Molly and gave a nod to Spark as a signal of them taking their leave. Then, he went inside and drove.

Staring at the Luxury Benz fading away, which was totally off being found in South Street, Spark could not help but guess what could be the relationship between Brian and Molly…

Based on what Harrow said to him, Brian was no simple man. Spark knew he came from a well-off family. Molly, on the other hand, was a girl from the lowest. How could they have something to do with each other?

With such thoughts in mind, he did not realize that Manny came out from the crowd. Carrying a violin close to his chest, Manny grasped,"I will lose 10 years of my life, at the very least, just to follow you!"

"Well, you have the option to follow me or not!" Spark said after losing his sight of the luxury Benz.

George pulled a long face and mumbled in a low voice,"Are you this relentless? Are you going to die if you say a few comforting words?"

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