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   Chapter 183 An Accident, A Pure Accident! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6682

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Edgar paused, raised his eyes and took a slight glance at Bill who was clearly surprised and confused. After meeting Bill's eyes, Edgar once again stared at the documents in his hands and said,"Even if he does know that, he can pretend to know nothing…"

Puzzled from what he heard, Bill took a frown and placed the lollipop into his mouth as he stepped back. He said,"Is that it? Will he just allow her to stir up the situation? !"

Suddenly, the smile at the corner of Edgar's mouth became invisible. He placed the documents on the table, like nothing was wrong. Edgar's gentle face could not hide the power he held as he pondered with his back leaning against the chair, one arm at rest and the other hand supporting his chin.

Bill had worked with Edgar since their time at the army as they had carried out Superior-subordinate Communication. After leaving the army, Edgar had managed to make Bill work for him. Bill, who knew Edgar for the longest time, knew that the expression on Edgar's face covered his anger he intentionally suppressed.

Anybody who was in that situation would definitely be filled with anger. The mayor had worked hard and invested many years in it. Despite aiming to enter and host the State Parliament, he did not like to be manipulated by anybody. But with what was currently happening, for some reason, it seemed that he had to compromise with Major General Zeng. To compromise, it does not include turning a complete blind eye on their dirty tricks.

Bill, while sucking the lollipop in his mouth, was ceaselessly thinking. During Bill's earlier visit to his doctor, the doctor had suggested him often eat candies to relief the symptoms of his Hypoglycemia. From then on, he had developed the habit of eating candies.

"Sir, why not let Jenifer deal with those groups of people… so that we can get away?" Bill finally asked the question he couldn't understand.

Since everybody wanted to get into the muddy water, why didn't they live in the silt

on Empire Group is currently investing only on small projects in A City, such as catering, supermarkets and shopping malls. Because of the current environment in A City, they don't want to invest too much here. The wasteland isn't a necessity for them. However, they are sure that the city council will be in favor to them, which is the reason for their arrogance."

Bill curled his lips and said discontentedly,"Thanks to the blessings of his forefathers, Eric can be so arrogant at his early twenties, who cared for nobody else but himself. If the Dragon Empire Group would be taken over by him, can he make any achievements?"

"No, you are absolutely wrong!" Edgar denied firmly without second thoughts about Bill's idea, and then he added,"The Dragon Empire Group has developed very well because of how Eric's father's generation led the business. Don't you think that the Dragon Empire Group is currently in an unprecedented state which creates the illusion that Eric's generation relies only to what they were bestowed from the prior generation?"

"Doesn't he?" Bill asked while curling his lips.

Edgar burst into laughter, as if mocking Bill. Bill has never felt so ashamed in front of Edgar. Edgar then said in a low voice,"If you see Eric as a playboy, you will be beaten to death by him without even knowing why!"

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