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   Chapter 182 A Complex And Chaotic Scene (Part Three)

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"Please just come with me? Okay?" Spark knew that from Molly's expression that she was now hesitating, he then went on,"You know, it's not easy to get a song from Spark that too in private audience. And The Summer Breeze was only especially for you, please bear that in mind!"

Molly was not a fool and she could see through Spark's manipulative words. However, when she thought of the feelings that the song aroused in her, she finally agreed with much reluctance. But she regretted her decision the moment she sat in the taxi.

In a vulnerable moment, she agreed to go to the South Street Alley with Spark, but she forgot about Brian's warning.

The anxious Molly licked her lips and she finally sent a message across to Brian.

Richie was talking to Weston backstage. Eric, with a mysterious look on his face, was pestering Manny and asking him something important. While Shirley, who was in a good mood, was tidying up things with her successful and proud daughter. While everyone was busy back stage with different things, Brian received the message from Molly.

Brian glanced at everyone who was occupied and looked indifferently at the phone as he took it out from his pocket.

"Daniel has called me home. So I am heading back to the villa by myself later!"

Brian looked at this message, which seemed like an explanation, but it revealed the sender's guilt. Brian's eyes narrowed and darkened after he finished reading it sensing that something was wrong. One side of his thin lip hoisted a curve as the other end seemed absent, and it gave others a sense of his coldness.

"Brian, what's going on? Is everything okay?" Nobody knew when Eric arrived here. He asked curiously as he could sense Brian's unhappiness.

When Brian withdrew from the message, he shot a glance at Eric and answered indifferently,"Well, it's nothing really!" He then looked at Manny standing beside him and asked,"Do you know how Mol and Spark came to get acquainted?"

Eric tried to hide his sur

life everyday starting each day and embracing challenges with your brilliant smile!


At the government office building of A City

All across the building, there was only light coming from the mayor's office on the top floor in the dark night.

Edgar looked at the documents in his hand with his eyebrows gradually raised.

When he came out from the concert, he received a call from Bill, and he came straight to the office after dropping Jenifer home. Currently, Jenifer lived with him, and Bill rarely went there.

"It seemed to be getting more and more complicated with each passing day..." Holding a lollipop in his hand, Bill went on thoughtfully,"At present, there are four or five groups of people getting involved in this, and none of them are nice or considerate."

Edgar remained silent as he fixed his gaze on the documents in his hand, but he carefully listened to what Bill said.

"A few days ago, there was someone who contacted Steven and Sharon as well. And before that, Jenifer contacted Steven too!" Bill kept stating in a serious tone. Even though he knew that there was nobody in the building except him and Edgar at that point in the night, he suddenly bent over the table and leaned forward and whispered,"Mayor, do you think Major General Zeng knows that Jenifer is currently in A City?"

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