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   Chapter 181 A Complex And Chaotic Scene (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6516

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But... What did this have to do with him?

Spark didn't pay much attention to Edgar instead he just replied in a cold tone,"Well, thank you."

After that, he didn't want to talk to Edgar any more, but said to Molly,"Mol, do you have something to do later?"

With a gentle sadness in her eyes, Molly turned back absently and shook her head instinctively after she heard Spark's question.

Spark suddenly grabbed her hand sensing her absence and inquired,"I heard that there are many delicious food and cuisines to try in the South Street Alley of A City. Can you please accompany me there?"

It was a question, but Spark took Molly away before she could even answer to his request.

Molly was pulled away from Edgar with a distracted mind. Jenifer watched them as they leaved the hall, with hatred and coldness in her eyes.

"Spark is so very arrogant!" Jenifer remarked in a harsh tone.

Edgar didn't mind Spark's attitude towards him, and he didn't care about what Jenifer said either. He just looked through the glass window casually at Molly who was pulled away by Spark and said,"Spark has always been arrogant, just like his music, which gives the feeling and sense of freedom to the audiences. He has always been like this, doing whatever he wants to do without thinking about others. And he will not care about anyone else until he wants to."

The reason why Edgar greeted Spark was because he wanted to take a closer look at Molly, who was so elegant and poised in that moment. She appeared in front of him in multiple different states of existence over this one month. She was no longer the little girl who could only hide behind him and call him "Edgar". She was all grown up, with her own thoughts and persistence. However, she had her own sadness too.

But now none of this had anything to do with him, not anymore at least!

Edgar sneered in hushed tones. He had known what would happen between Molly and him when he neg

ame to the concert with Brian.

"Because..." Molly almost blurted out the real reason, but she choked her words, and instead said,"Well, I am telling you again none of this is your business!"

Molly was somewhat confused. Why did she always want to answer Spark's questions unconsciously when she looked into his alluring and deep eyes?

Spark actually didn't care about the real reason why Molly stood in front of Wing's bill alone. He had always been living without restraint, and his plan would never be affected by other things. He then pretended to be sad and implored,"Well, I am leaving for Paris tomorrow. So, I will never have a chance to go visit the South Street Alley if I don't go there today."

"I don't care about that Spark. I am sure you can manage some arrangements for you to visit the Alley." replied Molly, as she turned around and began looking aside.

"Please just come with me, it's a request? Please consider it as a return gift for The Summer Breeze I send you," insisted Spark optimistically.

Molly looked back at Spark and recalled what had happened in the park that day. She thought of the way he played the violin for her alone, and of the feeling she had felt at that moment, she then couldn't refuse Spark any more after he mentioned that beautiful day.

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