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   Chapter 180 A Complex And Chaotic Scene (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6773

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What started as an accident, now Spark's lips were still pressed on Molly's as they lay on the ground.

He was totally shocked by the unexpected accident and forgot to get up from on top of Molly.

He just rapidly blinked his eyes, which were charming and yet so attractive. It seemed that women would always fall in love with him when they saw his eyes glimmering like this.

Molly remained still too, frozen with shock. With a dull and vacant look on her face, she stared back into Spark's deep eyes without moving an inch.

It seemed like a long moment before both Spark and Molly reacted to what had just happened. They hurried to get up and felt a bit embarrassed, especially Spark, who was too busy to get along with woman since a long time. He was completely surprised by the kiss.

Spark suddenly blushed as he recalled the kiss. In the present moment, he was not the talented and arrogant violin prince which he was on the stage, instead he was an embarrassed young boy who just hit puberty.

"Ummm, so that was awkward!"

grumbled Molly in a painful voice as she felt the increasing pain from her waist almost like it was broken. She complained in her mind that she had been having very bad days recently. Getting injured was a norm for her this month!

Sensing the pain in Molly's voice, Spark suddenly forgot the embarrassment. He frowned and asked in a hurry,"Are you hurt?"

Molly stared at Spark with resentful eyes. With one hand still grabbing her waist, Molly stood up with Spark's help. She then mumbled,"Why were you standing behind me? Were you trying to freak me out?"

Seeing her behaving so erratically, Spark suddenly laughed out loud and which suddenly reduced the embarrassment he felt. He pouted and said,"Why are you blaming me? You were the one so absorbed in Wing's bill that you forgot about your surroundings!"

"Huh? Well didn't you say that you're a castaway violinist?" Molly gnashed her teeth in anger and stressed on the word "castaway". She then continued,"Why aren't you

love? To put it in perspective, what would you feel if and when your first lover stood in front of you? And how would you feel knowing the one you loved once knew that you led a miserable life?

Molly kept asking herself these pertinent questions in her mind. She told herself that she had to be strong and that Edgar never belonged to her, in the first place. They were not the same and he shouldn't have done so much for her. But she would always feel a burdening heartache whenever she saw him, which she could never express in words.

Spark could sense the strange and tense atmosphere building around the three people. Standing beside Molly, he looked at Edgar and asked with confusion,"Mol, do you know each other?"

Just as Spark finished speaking, Edgar already stood in front of them. Without looking at Molly, Edgar directly addressed Spark,"Hello, Spark. I'm Edgar, the current mayor of A City. Your performance was really impressive! Keep up the good work."

Spark just frowned. He didn't expect that the mayor of A City would be such a young chap.

He wasn't surprised that Wing's charity concert would receive the official support. After all, Wing was an influential pianist, and the concert had gained traction worldwide. So, everyone knew how much the concert would affect and influence the business development of the city.

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