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   Chapter 179 The Awesome Concerto of Sonata Pathétique (Part Three)

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The applause continued, but Molly stood still, not contributing to the thumping applause. She just stood there in awe looking at the duo on the platform. Suddenly, she had a feeling that she was not the most unfortunate person. Maybe everyone had their own misfortunes and hardships that could not possibly be seen, let alone be understood by outsiders. Glamorous like Wing and Spark, they might be world-famous, but at the moment, in each other's melody, they both exposed too much of their emotions to one another and everyone present. They were actually vulnerable. Even a person who didn't understand music like her could hear their thoughts through the melody.

Meanwhile, Harrow was holding his dropping hands tightly, and his eyebrows were squeezed together anxiously. If he could deceive himself earlier that Spark would eventually let go of the past grief as he grew up with the lapse of time, however, in this moment, he knew that he was harboring an unreasonable and extravagant hope and Spark would never forgive Su Family as well as him!

Wing stood up, bowing to the audience to acknowledge their applause like a princess, while Spark caught the violin under his arm, and also bent down to acknowledge and appreciate their support. His behavior at this moment was somewhat surprising owing to his usual arrogant composition, but somehow, the audience understood what his gesture meant.

It might be easy for these people to find a kindred spirit, but without any communication, it was not easy to know each other by a melody without any rehearsal before.

At the end of the melody, the curtain gradually dropped down in a bid to close under the unceasing applause. But people were still standing there applauding, as if longing for more of such performance. Even watching the red curtain being fully closed, they were still not willing to leave as they were in complete awe.

Meanwhile at the backstage, Weston gently wiped the tears off from Wing's face. Looking at her with deep concern, he didn't utter a word. He always understood her, so he never asked.

"Spark, you seldom make it so serious and emotional." Manny looked at Spark and dec

ed. Losing out on time to react, gripped with fear irrationally she suddenly yelled out "Ahhhh" and then retreated. Behind her was the huge poster frame, and as she took a few steps back, she accidentally stepped on the frame. Suddenly, she lost her center of gravity and fell backwards...


Molly cried out in horror as she lost her balance. Although Spark did have the naughty intention to scare her a little bit, he didn't expect for such a thing to happen. Without any time to think, he began to pull Molly's waving arms in a bid to prevent her from falling.

As soon as his hand reached out and grabbed Molly's hand, she immediately caught his hand instinctively. However, as her body was gradually falling back, in such a flustering situation, she dragged Spark more forcefully, and then, they both fell down unsteadily and simultaneously.

When the sound of "Ouch" pain came out from her, without any time to feel the pain of falling on the iron frame, her eyes widened due to panic, only because after Spark fell down, his lips were stuck to her lips just like the plot of a crazy drama broadcast during prime time.

All their movements stopped, and meanwhile they even forgot to breathe. Glaring at each other stiffly, both of them forgot how to react and compose themselves owing to the sheer awkwardness...

Just at the moment, a sharp glance fell on them, and the glance gradually became so dark and deep...

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