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   Chapter 178 The Awesome Concerto of Sonata Pathétique (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7251

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Thinking of that, the grief in Harrow's eyes became more severe and apparent. Being greatly tortured by the hatred coming from Spark, he could hardly contain the trembling grief in his heart.

He had wanted to see Spark so much more before. But now, when he really managed to see him and his performance, it turned out that he was still so incredibly upset.

It's within instants that the thoughts were swaying among the audience's mind while the two on the stage were simply ignoring them as they would soon have a collision in their concerto...

Wing was not as nervous as she had thought she would be. Spark just arrived backstage 20 minutes ago. But before his arrival, Weston was scared of untoward accident, so he repeatedly called Spark. However, all his calls were automatically transferred to the voicemail. He was not afraid that the outsiders would say that the presence of Spark was just a sham. Instead, he was worried that Wing would be unhappy and disappointed. Just when Weston became extremely anxious, Spark and his agent, Manny, finally showed up at the venue. Spark didn't tell Wing their cooperative melody until the moment she finished her solo. performance.

After hearing about their cooperative melody, Wing sat behind the piano in a casual manner which matched Spark's composition... She took one quick glance at Spark. Then, she calmed herself down and began to play the piano so naturally. Just when the exciting notes began flowing out quickly from her fingertips, which, to the surprise of the audience, was Beethoven's "Sonata Pathétique", the sound of Spark's violin already merged in a synchronized manner. Both were masters of music. While Wing was playing fast on the black and white keys, Spark was unruly flipping the bow, with his left hand gliding quickly on the strings. Their cooperation was so perfect that the audience would not believe that it was their first cooperation. It seemed like they had performed together harmoniously a thousand times before.

One moment the melody was passionate, and the next moment it was full of pathétique whine. Every note was shocking, like a hammer hitting sometimes gently and sometim

ichie and Brian's gaze simultaneously grew sharp as they looked at Wing. They had always thought that Wing was happy, or at least, she was still full of hope for life. In this moment, however, they all sensed a fear for the unknown future in her music and life.

Tears were already dropping from Shirley's eyes. Although Wing was not her biological child, their special bond could never be replaced. Between all the tough times they faced before, they stuck it out together and came out stronger. Wing was so sweet and obedient. Even though suffering from illness, she would face it with smile and strength so that her families would feel less worried about her condition. However, due to her ever present smile, everyone ignored her fears, which she simply didn't want to express in front of them...

All of a sudden, like a loud thunder shaking the infrastructure to the ground, the entire audience broke into loud applause, and then, everyone stood up for a standing ovation, deeply moved into tears by such a musical feast for their ears, hearts and souls. Until many years later, when they remembered the concerto of Swing and Spark, they would still feel incredibly impressed.

All the audience had not listened to the live concert of Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata 3rd movement because they lived in a different time, but they all felt that Wing and Spark had interpreted it incisively and vividly bringing it to the fore as they did.

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