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   Chapter 177 The Awesome Concerto of Sonata Pathétique (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7343

Updated: 2019-02-05 01:13

Spark was dressed in a pair of black slacks, a round collar T-shirt covered with a camel-colored casual jacket, and completed his dressing with a plaid cashmere scarf in a casual knot around his neck.

His eyes expressing his brimming feelings were covered with a pair of large dark brown sunglasses.

While he was standing quietly in one corner of the stage, the white light shooting across at him from the auditorium made him look like unreal, almost like everything was a dream...

"Oh my god, it's him!" Molly exclaimed almost immediately and enthusiastically as she recognized the man on the stage. As a matter of fact, her voice was not actually loud but as the auditorium was extremely quiet, her voice sounded abrupt and loud amidst the quiet audience who were listening to Wing's performance and had became more quiet due to their high expectation for Spark's performance.

Both Brian and Eric looked at Molly almost at the same time with doubts creeping in their eyes. Not to mention that Spark had never been to A City before. Even for the performance today, he just arrived the day before yesterday, which was hardly known. Logically, Molly could not possibly have any connection with Spark. Besides, Spark was so aloof and arrogant that he wouldn't pay attention to any ordinary guy and he did all things motivated by his erratic temperament.

However, despite their growing confusion, they did not intend to ask anything about it in the moment. Instead, after a short glance at her, they diverted their attention back to the performance on the stage again, while their obvious change in behavior went undetected by the surprised Molly, who was just staring at Spark like a love-struck teenager.

After seeing the formal suits and dresses of those who had performed before him at the concert, Molly was a little bit surprised to see Spark dressed so casually as she barely knew anything about his past. However, anyone familiar with his performance knew all about his style. Although obstinate and unruly, he was extremely talented, and his dressing on the stage was solely dependent on his mood, and sometimes merely for the purpose of matching with the melody he was going to

who played the violin for ants and "The Summer Breeze" for her, were basically holding their breath and speculating about Spark and Wing's concerto. However, there was another exception, which was Harrow, sitting in the corner sulking.

The moment Harrow laid his eyes on Spark, he tightly furrowed his dashing eyebrows. Without his regular sharp arrogance and the ruthlessness which reflected clearly while he controlled the stock market, he was full of guilt and self-reproach.

His hands suddenly clenched into a fist. Now when he wanted to see his brother, he could only do so in such a discreet manner. He was not willing to, but there was no other good way. If it were not for Mr. Long, it was impossible for him to walk into Spark's concert. Today Spark was resolute in his bid to break off all ties with the entire Su family, and irrespective of everything, he would not admit he was a member of the family, nor would he forgive anyone from Su family...

Grief flickered in Harrow's eyes just recalling all of that and the corners of his lips kept twitching involuntarily. Then, he forced himself to put aside the heavy thoughts which burdened his heart, and instead tried to cherish the current moment. Even if Spark would not forgive him for his entire life, he still deserved it and there was nothing he could do to make amends.

If it weren't for Harrow back then, Spark would not return to Su Family, nor would he ever lose his adoptive mom...

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