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   Chapter 176 Oh My Gosh! It's Him! (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6121

Updated: 2019-02-05 00:18

This concert was different from vocal concert. This was more an elegant performance when compared to the contemporaries in the field of music, so it had higher requirements for the audience. Wing had quite different fans all over the world. They were crazy about her and treated her like a superstar, more than an artist. Maybe it was because of her appearance or even the mysterious family background. In their eyes, Wing was an angel who could save them from the impending doom of darkness... And what's more, Spark, who was called the Violin Prince, would perform at the event tonight!

Brian got all ready in a three-piece black suit with a white shirt inside. He looked perfect in this normal yet classy statement black suit.

Molly wore the dress which Shirley bought for her at the Falloon Mall the other day. When she arrived at the concert, she noticed that Shirley was wearing the same attire. And Richie too, just like Brian, was wearing a black suit. They looked funnily coordinated.

Shirley revealed a bright and eye-catching smile when she saw Molly in the same dress. With the same outfit, they looked almost like mother and daughter.

Brian drew a poker face as he saw Shirley smiling about their similar dresses. But after greeting Richie, he gestured at Molly to go with them. He then guided himself to the backstage.

Shirley then took Molly straight to the VIP seats. She was going to fly to South Africa with Richie tomorrow morning. She looked happy, but deep inside, she was unwilling to stay away from Molly.

The screen in the concert hall was replaying recordings from previous charity concerts organised by Wing. Molly was a little upset and unhappy when Brian went to backstage without her. But she didn't think much about that.

Shirley cast a glance at the screen and complained, ''Brian is

ething or the other about music. The look of ecstasy and happiness on their faces indicated how powerful and gripping Wing's music was.

Richie and Shirley were grateful and proud of her achievement. They were not sure how long Wing would live. But, just as Weston said, nothing else matters... As long as she is happy when she is alive.

Throughout the concert, Wing played either solo or with her band. The audience totally immersed themselves in the feast for the ears. Until the last song, people suddenly realized that there was another pending performance of Spark.

On the stage, a light followed Wing across the well-decorated stage. Molly too grew curious about Spark. She had seen too many reports on Spark, the Violin prince. At this moment, the hall silenced down and the stage calmed. Molly felt nervous too now...

Suddenly, there came a stronger flood light, which was projected on a man. He was standing tall and confident on the stage, holding a violin between his shoulder and chin, and a bow in his right hand. But as one looked carefully he looked arrogant and unruly.

Molly looked at the Spark on the stage. Her eyes widened suddenly and exclaimed in a low voice, ''Oh my gosh, it's him!"

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