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   Chapter 175 Oh My Gosh! It's Him! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6468

Updated: 2019-02-05 00:16

The party didn't last long because of the concert scheduled to be held the next day. At about 10 pm, people began gradually leaving the hall.

On the second day, the weather remained good. It seemed that God was content and approving of the current society.

All forms of media from TVs, newspapers and magazines in A City were all concerned about the charity concert which was going to be held by Wing in the Golden Auditorium, as well as Spark. They were trying to figure out the music that Wing and Spark planed to play at the event. What's more, some media outlets even conducted quizzes to guess the right answer and win gifts.

The following day, Molly woke up early in the morning. In the past, she had spent all her time working. And now, even though she didn't need to work and struggle that hard, she still maintained her internal clock and schedule.

When she went downstairs, she spotted Brian leisurely crouched on the sofa and watching TV. Usually he only paid attention to news. But today, all the channels were reporting about the concert tonight. He was now watching entertainment news to hear the latest buzz.

Molly curled her lip when she saw this new development. She was a little disappointed when Brian paid attention upon hearing anything about Wing. But on a second thought, she recalled her own identity, and felt relieved about the entire scene.

Brian fixed his gaze on the television set. Despite knowing that Molly was looking right at him, he paid no heed to that. He stood up to fetch coffee which was kept on the table.

But right when... He was about to grab the coffee, the cup was suddenly pulled away. Some drops of coffee splashed across the table leaving a trail.

Brian frowned and cast a fierce look at her as he grew annoyed by her attention-seeking behavior.

"It's not healthy to drink coffee on an empty stomach. Do eat something. I am advising you!" said Molly. She turned a b

what his exact job was.

As it grew dark, outside the Golden Auditorium, policemen gathered to maintain law and order and various media staffers were going crazy clicking pictures. Unlike at the party held the previous night, taking photos and video was not allowed at the charity concert. Like any charity concert in the past, this concert tonight was only concerned with providing live music for its audience present there. There was no other way to listen to the concert. That's why so many people were willing to buy tickets even at unreasonable high prices. All the profit from the event would be directed to donation.

Weston was carrying out the final integration and inspection round at the concert hall. He was a violoncellist as well as Wing's employed accompanist. He wouldn't appear on any stage except in Wing's concert. He was more than willing to devote his enthusiasm for music to make Wing happy.

The concert was set to begin at 8 pm, and to accommodate that entry began at 7:30 pm. The crowd began to gather outside enthusiastically much before the scheduled time. The policemen maintaining order outside were speechless upon seeing the mass. They were all amazed to find that the concert tonight was more crowded than the one held by Park Shin Chun the other day.

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