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   Chapter 174 Oh My Gosh! It's Him! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6617

Updated: 2019-02-05 00:06

For a moment Molly froze as she was stiff with fear.

And then with relief, she looked at Edgar and thought, 'What Jenifer had warned me about at Mr. Song's family still rings true to me.

Now, I'm not good enough to be with you. So why bother to talk to me?

Jenifer is a perfect match for you from all aspects, be it social, economic status, or whatever...'

At this time, Jenifer came over and politely nodded to Brian, pretending that she didn't notice his detached response. She then circled her arm around Edgar and said,"Well. So you're here with Mr. Long... No wonder it was taking you so long to get a drink for me!''

Jenifer didn't greet Molly then but instead cast a fierce glance at her every other moment.

Slightly startled and intimated by the awkwardness, Molly bit her lip and unconsciously moved closer to Brian. Her subconscious movement did not go unnoticed and meant different to Brian and Edgar.

Edgar felt suffocated immediately by her involuntary movement. But before he could realize why he felt so strongly about something so trivial, the feeling disappeared. He calmed his churning emotions, put on a decent smile and then politely addressed Brian,"Mr. Long, will you excuse us, please!"

He then took a long glance at Molly and left with Jenifer.

Molly lowered her eyes as she failed to understand how she felt now. At first, she was scared and embarrassed but now it was a myriad of feelings... She felt that she no longer had anything to lose.

She thought, 'Edgar, don't give up anything for me. If my existence was blocking your path to success and advancement, just like Jenifer said then... I'll stay far away from you to ensure you lead a happy and fruitful life.'

Brian somehow felt happy when Molly moved closer to him. But now he was rather upset by sensing her emotions which clearly reflected on her face.

"So it seems that you don't want him go... Do you now?" Brian asked her upfront.

As Molly was snapped out o

Richie. He looked at Shirley to hear what she had to say.

"You must know something about all of this!" said Shirley in a demanding tone. "I agree with your parenting and way of raising children. That's a must experience for everyone from the Long family. But I don't think Brian should hurt innocent people without a reason.''

Richie fixed his gaze on Shirley and sighed slowly, ''Innocent or not is a subjective judgement. Is there any way for Molly to escape if Steven weren't set up?"

Shirley gave a confused look to Richie.

"Every cause has an effect. We can stop him this time..." said Richie with conviction. We cannot stop him after we leave. Everyone has his own life. We cannot impose on them nor can we make decisions for them on how to lead their lives.''

Shirley lowered her eyes and thought, 'I'm no longer the one who had to make a living with Wing. Having experienced so much, I understand what Richie means. I just feel sorry for Molly. It seems to me that Molly is who I was back then. She is undergoing what I did.

However, Richie is a responsible man. If he has realized that he's wrong, he'll admit and make amends. But Brian on the other hand... With his unusual childhood and domineering raging temper... I'm afraid he still has a long way to go before going on the right path.'

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