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   Chapter 173 Coincidence Increased The Misunderstanding (Part Four)

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The woman was taken aback by Spark's angry rant. Indeed, she was extremely guilt and yet grateful that she found her daughter, so she hastily said,"Sorry. I'm so sorry… I will definitely pay more attention next time. Thank you so much for taking care of Cathy…"

After expressing her gratitude to Spark, the woman was all ready to take the little girl away. The crowd gradually returned to the chaotic state once they saw the matter was settled. The tear stains on the little girl's face were still clear and visible. She suddenly tugged her mother's hand, raised her head and stared into Spark's eyes. "Elder brother, my name is Cathy Xiang. You played the violin so well and I absolutely loved it," Cathy said in an innocent tone.

Cathy Xiang didn't know how to praise him or thank him, so she did all she could and described her own feelings about it.

Spark looked at her and smiled. He squatted down to meet her gaze and gently pinched her little face, which still had tears on it and said,"If you encounter a situation like this again, you must remain strong. Okay? Crying will never help you solve problems, irrespective of what the problem is!"

The little girl tilted her head a bit to one side, gazed at Spark retrospecting, and finally nodded with a serious look.

The woman finally lifted the girl off the ground and took her away in her arms. Spark's smile gradually turned to a bitter one. Noticing his wry smile, Manny too got upset and sighed. He thought to himself, 'If Spark hadn't got lost, if his mother had found him in time, then he probably would not have been found by the Su household and taken back to their family, and his mother wouldn't have been driven crazy, because she couldn't get him back, and then…'

Manny was too distressed to go on thinking and recalling everything. He just walked up to Spark

fine all these days?"

He had heard the news that Steven owed over five million dollars to Grand Night Casino. Although Steven had given up hopelessly after leaving the military, it was still impossible for him to owe such a heavy debt when Molly was in such a situation then. Someone must have plotted it all against them.

But he still needed to figure out who was the person behind such a devious plan.

Molly forced a smile on her face and said with bravado,"Not bad!"

"That's good!" replied Edgar. Although he had a lot of words in his heart that he wanted to express but, there was no way for him to say them now in such an environment. It was not only the occasion, but also the mood did not seem to be in his favor.

"Sir, here is your Long Island Iced Tea, please!" The bartender pushed the cocktail towards Edgar.

Edgar gestured, as he held the glass up and said sincerely,"If there's any way that I can help, please don't hesitate to approach me at any time."

"What kind of help will my woman need from Mayor Gu?"

Brian's cold voice interrupted Edgar just as he was about to finish speaking, and right before Molly could refuse him yet again. He then reached out and pulled Molly into his arms.

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