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   Chapter 171 Coincidence Increased The Misunderstanding (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5662

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When Brian came back in, he noticed all of this in the hall. Everyone on site seemed to be very happy and engaged in frivolous conversations. It was only him, who seemed to be isolated from the crowd.

"Brian come in…" Eric was the first one to see Brian entering and announced it to Wing, who was standing beside him.

Looking at the direction of Eric's gaze, Wing smiled. After saying goodbye to the people, who she was talking to, she walked right up to Brian.

"What's the matter? Why you look so upset and distant?" Wing could easily be categorized as the person who understood him the best in the world. It was the main reason why Brian always loved being around her right from when he was a little boy. Judging from his expression, Wing could easily understand what he was thinking about.

"Everything is okay! You don't need to be concerned," Brian replied indifferently, with a poker face in a bid to conceal his thoughts.

Wing blinked her big eyes and knew that Brian was not in the mood to talk to her right then. She sighed softly and gave up talks on these lines. Then she said,"So now the party can start."

"Yes, most definitely!" Brian replied flatly still seeming distant. His sharp eyes ran across all the esteemed guests present in the hall and then walked on the stage with Wing holding one of his arms.

Right when they got on the stage, the light dimmed at once, and then a bunch of bright light focused on them. They both looked gorgeous and the perfect sight managed to capture everyone's gaze. Most people there did not know the real relationship between them, and what's more, some media had assumed their past relationship was that of lovers. Now they pres

im with my meek words.

For now the only way he tries to prove his love is to plunder. Maybe he will change when…'

Richie thought, as he couldn't help but notice the girl named Molly who was standing beside Shirley. She was not very beautiful, but was gifted with a pair of clear and crystal-like eyes which seemed to appeal to him.

The party was finally kicked started when Brian and Wing finished their inaugural speech. The party was indeed motivated by commercial activities. Of course, the ultimate goal was to raise money for charity. The donation would also be utilized for helping homeless children. This was the only requirement requested by Spark.

The news about Wing and Spark's concert spread all over the A City like wild fire. The news about it was also broadcasted on the rolling screen at the party. People were disappointed to not find Spark at the party, but it was also somehow not unexpected. Now, people were getting more and more engaged and interested in the story about the 24-year-old oriental musician, who had already won the highest honor in the world music gallery at the young age of 16.

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