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   Chapter 169 A Phone Call To The Heart (Part Four)

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The continuous flashing lights made Molly a little nervous. Before the event, she had imagined something similar to Mr. Song's birthday party, the closest event her mind could relate. But as it turned out, the birthday party was only a private affair and entirely different. Tonight's party as she'd learned was a high profile charity event with international acclaim, taking the media by storm. Never in her wildest imagination had she thought she'd be thrown into global limelight in one night. At that, she became nervous.

"Don't be afraid, OK?" Eric did not care about the media at all. He tidied the overcoat for Molly, calmly took her by the hand and led her onto the steps.

Perhaps because of the warmth of Eric's hand or his assuring words, which Molly had heard so many times lately, suddenly she regained her composure. She could almost hear Aunt Shirley's words: "Once you take the first step, you'll see how different everything becomes." And as she raised her head with new confidence, a spark ignited in her heart. She decided, she wasn't going to waste her moments of joy on pain or heartache from the past.

For security reasons, the whole hotel was booked, and all the rooms reserved for key guests who would take part in the concert. It was much quieter in the hotel than outside, where thousands of revelers and reporters flooded. A sea of humanity. In the hotel, besides the most representative media house in A City, only a few world famous media houses were allowed in.

"Strange?" asked Eric with a playful wink as they got into an elevator.

"You didn't tell me in advance there would be so many reporters here," Molly said, unimpressed.

"In consideration of the great influence of Wing, did I need to say that?" Eric asked her in reply.

When Molly curled her lips and mumbled, the elevator arrived at the venue on the top floor.

The elevator doors opened as soon as the chime came through. Molly was about to step out when Eric pulled her back.


Unaccustomed to wearing high heels, let alone ten-centimeter stilettos, she lost balance when Eric held her back. She tipped over awkwar

ow voice,"Mr. Brian Long, Aaron called just now to say he would donate ten million to Miss Long's charity!"

Still, Brian looked indifferent. Ten million was nothing for either him or Aaron. It was no more than an expression of his regard.

Thinking of that, Brian looked to the door unintentionally and saw the two couples who were just walking into the banquet hall. The little glimmer of light in his eyes went out immediately.

From where he stood, he had a panoramic view of the entire hall, but maybe people at the door could not see him. He, therefore, kept his eyes moving with Molly, his heart pounding, tension rising. He had to remind himself that he needed to keep his calm.

Looking at the dress Molly was wearing, for a moment, Brian suddenly had an urge to tear her up.

Instead, he chose to remain indifferent. But his indifference couldn't extend to Eric. He despised him, hatred building up like steam and burnt its way out with a sneer.

Last year, Eric had given Becky a dress as her birthday gift, which was similar to the one Molly was wearing, except that the dress for Becky was wine red with a black belt.

At the moment, his cellphone began vibrating in his pocket. He pulled the phone out, recognized the caller ID at once and squinted.

By his side, Tony, taking a cue from Brian's mood, stole a furtive peep at the phone screen out of instinct. The name displayed was... Becky!

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