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   Chapter 168 A Phone Call To The Heart (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6413

Updated: 2019-02-03 00:49

The dress wrapped her plump breasts just right, cleavage partly hidden. The tight-waisted design emphasized a beautiful spread-out of her hemline. To complete the look, she had chosen a burgundy belt, buckled into a butterfly knot. The belt complemented her burgundy stilettos, decorated with butterfly knots at the counter.

She wore her long straight hair in a relaxed bun and had a black butterfly earring in her left ear. She chose slight make-up, different from the typical woman in parties who would sure arrive in excessive make-up. Her make-up was almost invisible, but she looked gorgeous. The light-yellow lip gloss and her clear eyes matched nicely, making it difficult for others to take eyes off her even for just a moment.

The admiration in Eric's eyes was unmistakable. He saw Molly as an angel falling through the sky at dawn, after a cloudy starless night, who attempted to go out of darkness while clinging to the different temptation brought by darkness. Her radiance was like bright morning light shining through the gloomy, grey sky of his heart. And Eric's attraction looked even deeper. He peeked into her soul, to the wonderful person Molly was inside.

Eric stared at Molly in such a way that she felt nervous. She puckered her lips and asked,"Well, looking terrible?"

Eric smiled extremely evilly and attractively. He slightly looked up and said,"You are going to be the most beautiful black swan at the party!"

'You will also be a black swan that can beat on certain nerve deep in somebody's heart!'

Eric thought, with a naughty smile.

At the moment, Tony came back, saying that Brian told him to pick Molly up. Eric refused him outright before Molly could even say a word. Without hesitation, he took an overcoat for Molly and grabbed her by the hand and walked her out of the villa. Without a word, he drove Molly to the hotel for the party.

All that Tony could do was to d

tional genius. Better still, the powerful faces behind this event were also causing quite a stir in the airwaves.

Outside of the hotel, the media from all over the world crammed space. For security, there was a heavy police presence, besides contracted private security detail from Shadow Organization and XK.

Luxury cars arrived at the gate of the hotel in succession. Celebrities from all over the world were showing up, looking stunning on the winter evening. Lighting for the night looked fantastic, adding an extra sparkle to the glamour.

When Eric's car arrived, all the media swung into action, pressing and huddling as cameras rolled. In particular, they pressed to know which female star the future heir of Dragon Empire Group was bringing to the party tonight. However, when he opened the door to let his companion go out, everybody was guessing and trying to find out who Molly was.

There are no secrets in this world that time doesn't reveal. Someone had taken a keen interest in what happened at Falloon Mall several days ago. Some of the celebrities at the party easily recognized Molly as the girl over whom Eric and Brian had fought. From that moment on, they could not help but wonder how it would go down between Eric and Brian at the party tonight.

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