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   Chapter 167 A Phone Call To The Heart (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6472

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True, Mr. Brian Long did help Aaron. But he did not want Aaron to become so successful as to run a monopoly on QY Island. It would be terrible when the economic lifeline of an entire island was dominated by one single person. No! Mr. Brian Long did not envision Aaron as the Rothschild family in M Country.

Already, Aaron had agreed to give Mr. Brian Long the plot in east QY, which was quite prime for the Island. Mr. Brian Long intended to open a casino in the area. But Aaron's dominance over the economy meant it might be impossible for anyone else to venture in QY.

Since Brian had learned that Chancellor's men were behind the audacious abduction of Shirley and Molly, he did not blame Harrow too much. Instead, he would quietly plan retaliation— more violent and brutal than hit back.

Thinking of that, Brian looked at Harrow, who was downcast. He stood up, poured wine in glasses and passed one to Harrow. "Has Spark arrived in A City yet?" he asked while raising the glass for a sip.

Bitterness flashed across Harrow's face immediately. He took a sip, twisted his lips and answered astringently,"He arrived yesterday."

"Are you serious about not going to meet him?" Brian asked, sounding somewhat nudging.

There was a look of indifference on Harrow's face. He took another sip of wine, shook his head, and then said,"I called him yesterday. But it was Manny who answered the phone. Spark still does not want to see me."

In fact, Brian had guessed that. Harrow always said that he did not want to see Spark, but had he once successfully refrained from meeting him? And for his lack of restraint, he was always left to lick his wounds.

"You two are brothers. Everything will be fine between you two," Brian said with a sense of inspiring domination.

Hearing that, Harrow looked even more bitter. He said,"Since his mother jumped off the building in front of him... we have not been brothers. He has always d

. He raised his hand and tapped her on the forehead. "I was just kidding. Our Little Molly is an angel. You're much better than those artificial beauties," he assured in a low, deep voice.

The way he tapped her on the forehead was a little too forceful; Molly had to soothe it by rubbing. She was irked by the rudeness of it and was about to say something when Eric interrupted her train of thought with the sudden change of tone and kind words. She took a look at Eric, and he was looking at her in an unusual way. She felt strange.

In the awkward silence, Eric realized his inappropriate demeanor but acted as if nothing had happened. Instead, he turned to a new topic, telling the stylists to start. Molly tried several dresses, all of which did not satisfy him. Finally, maybe making fun of their indecision, Molly chose a black knee-length strapless top dress.

Molly did not finish styling until late afternoon, and Eric stayed around until she was done. He sat on the couch and did his office work on the laptop. He only chipped in about Molly's styling once in a while. When Molly was finally dressed up and stood, waiting for his comment, Eric quietly studied her, from head to toe. He smiled with satisfaction, admiring everything about her, unable to find fancier words.

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