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   Chapter 166 A Phone Call To The Heart (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6706

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The next day was an unusually nice winter day in A City.

Early in the morning, sunlight broke through the clouds and spread everywhere across the city.

An early bird, as usual, Molly was up before sunrise. In the kitchen, she kept herself busier than a moth in a mitten, cooking together with Lisa. When Brian walked out of the study and looked down from the second floor, he saw Molly was wearing an apron, like a butterfly dancing in morning-light.

For a while, Brian was in a daze. His craving eyes moved slowly with Molly whenever she turned, going about her cooking. He watched her with a passion burning hotter than a dozen suns.

Perhaps it was because she felt someone was looking at her that Molly looked back, with knives and forks still in her hands. When their eyes met, she cracked a faint smile and greeted,"Good morning! Bri!"

Brian frowned. He was surprised at Molly's sudden reaction. However, an indescribable feeling nudged him on, deep at heart, touching his nerves.

Slowly he walked down the stairs, taking a glance at the dining table. There were fried eggs, milk, ham, steamed dumplings, minced pork porridge with preserved duck egg. A mixed variety of Chinese and Western food. However, there was no coffee, which he must drink every morning!

When he sat down at the table, Brian took a slight look at Lisa, who was carrying vegetable salad in her hands. Lisa knew what he meant by such a glance. She hastily explained,"Miss Xia said that..."

"I told Lisa not to make coffee!" Molly cut in to save Lisa. She did not want Lisa to feel embarrassed, so she said,"Never mind, Lisa, go ahead with your stuff."

When Brian did not say anything, Lisa cast him a glance, nodded in submission and went away respectfully...

"It is not good for your stomach to drink coffee early in the morning!" Molly pushed a glass of milk towards Brian and said seriously,"I have found that you drink coffee or alcohol every day and drink tea only occasionally. But in fact, it is not

od up, walked a few steps and took a seat next to Brian. He looked at Brian's micro-control while conducting linkup by himself on another computer.

"Was it you who dealt with Chancellor? " The indifference in Brian's voice pinged off the walls with an echo. He kept his eyes focused on the screen, while he typed away, giving instructions, fingers hitting at the keyboard like a German blitzkrieg. On his mind, Brian was preoccupied with two things.

"Yes," Harrow admitted sulkily. "That was only to make some trouble for them."

The disappointment written on Harrow's face confirmed his claim of innocence. Brian took a look at him and then kept his eyes on the keyboard and swiftly keyed in instructions until debugging was finished. Now everything was ready for opening in a while.

"I don't like anyone trying to guess what I'm thinking!"

Brian said still apathetically, but Harrow took those words so seriously that his heart slumped. It felt as if a huge stone suddenly pressed against his chest, choking him out of breath.

"I will never do it again!" Harrow said firmly. Although Mr. Brian Long did not tell him, he had heard about the turn of events on QY Island late last midnight. Due to the shortage of capital turnover of Chancellor, Mr. Brian Long's original plan had to be terminated with immediate effect.

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