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   Chapter 165 A Smile With Multiple Meanings (Part Three)

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Easily, Brian sensed the sudden stiffness all over her body. In reaction, he raised his head from her ear, and resumed his usual cold look again. His earlier signs of concern and anxiety for Molly disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. "One more thing! You have no right to interfere in my life no matter how many women I keep around me. And you have no right to compare yourself to any of them either. Do you understand?"

As she lifted up her head, Molly felt confused. With unusual courage, she coolly replied," I already know my role very well. You don't need to keep reminding me, Mr. Brian Long! Why are you always reminding me of it? It makes me suspect that Eric is right, when he says you're falling in love with me!"

The audacity in her eyes somewhat unsettled Brian. "I hope that this will be the last time I remind you!"

"I also hope the same!" replied Molly. In few moments, she continued," I'm going to make dinner downstairs, and I will come for you once it's ready."

With that she slipped out of Brian's arms with some ingenuity. She opened the door and walked out.

Instead of being angry, Brian smiled faintly when he saw the door close in front of him. Seeing Molly resist rather than tolerate all his authority left him in a puzzling good mood.

Downstairs Molly didn't find Eric in the living room. When she realized he was nowhere in the house, she called his phone. "Hey, Eric, where are you?"

"Something came up, and I had to leave." Holding the phone in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, Eric looked straight ahead. It was the peak hour, and the traffic made him even more depressed.

"Really? But you just said you had time tonight." Molly pouted and went on," I thought you would have dinner here. I made yours too."

Eric's eyes narrowed. He grinned and said," All right.

and put down the glass and slowly got up. She dropped the phone on the table, and folded the white bathrobe, revealing her excellent figure wrapped in the bikini. Her smooth skin was well-cared caramel, something poor girls like Molly would only dream of. She was spanking beautiful, and she reveled in the fact that men drooled over her picture-perfect body.

She sauntered towards the pool and jumped into it like a mermaid. After a few laps of joy, she came back to the shore. Her arms squatted on the edge of the pool, and her chin slightly on the back of her hand. Looking at the phone on the table, she remembered what her Mom had just said.


Molly? Who the hell did the poor girl think she was? The bitch even had the audacity to think she'd compete for Edgar's love?

'I swear! I'll break up their relationship for good this time!' Jennifer cursed and promised herself she'd help Edgar get into the State Parliament by taking advantage of Molly! She would be with Edgar forever! As for what had happened to Steven that year...

Jenifer narrowed her eyes as she thought about this. There was a strange smile in her flaming eyes. Gradually, chilling coldness enveloped the large, luxurious VIP room.

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