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   Chapter 164 A Smile With Multiple Meanings (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6109

Updated: 2019-02-02 01:05

As she thought about it, Molly couldn't help but glance at the photo on Brian's desk once again. Her heart inexplicably tightened with a knot. She was so stressed at the sight of the girl's face in the picture that it was nearly impossible for her to breathe. She felt as though her heart was being pinched and twisted at the same time. The enormous pain spread from her heart to her whole body, invading all her nerves.

Brian's dark eyes gently fell on Molly. When he noticed the intense way she looked at Becky's photo, he asked indifferently,"What's wrong?"

Brian's voice was so cold that it could have made anyone hold their breath upon hearing it. Molly looked up at Brian timidly, stepped towards him, and put the juice on his desk. She then looked down slightly, constraining herself not to look at the photo. "We can have dinner in half an hour," she said.

Brian cast a wry glance at the juice on the desk. After responding indifferently, he watched Molly silently turn around and walk towards the door of the study.

A slight frown formed on his face as he watched her back. When Molly's hand just got on the doorknob, he called her to stop.

At heart, Molly resisted, feeling unsure. She spun on her heel and saw Brian, who was standing up to walk towards her, and she wondered why he stopped her.

Brian stopped in front of her. When he looked at her, their eyes met. The sparkle in her eyes was shadowed by a complex expression, which gnawed at his heart and made him frown.

"The reception wine party of Wing's charity concert is scheduled for tomorrow night, and you will accompany me to the party," he declared in a detached, formal voice. He didn't even bother to ask Molly's opinion. He just told her what he had decided.

Molly frowned and asked,"Don't you think Wing will need your company tom

rability of Molly through all her innocent explanations, Brian leaned down and without saying a word kissed her eagerly.

When Brian pressed her against the door, Molly instinctively wanted to resist, but she was totally imprisoned by his arms. She could only let him do whatever he wanted to do.

Then when he held and pressed her, his whole weight forcing her against the door made breathing difficult for Molly. But just when she began to feel faint from lack of air, Brian suddenly let go of her

and then whispered in a low threatening voice,"Eric will never love you. He just likes to take things and people away from me. You had better stay away from him, to avoid getting hurt again!"

The slight glimmer of hope Molly had about going to the party with Eric was extinguished in one swoop by Brian's words. Her mouth twitching involuntarily, the faint mint flavor on Brian's mouth lingering around her nose became more pronounced. They should have been very close after that much intense kissing. But instead, she felt like she was falling into an ice cellar.

She froze cold, not so much for the assessment of Eric's true intentions. Brian's own tone was a warning, announcing his stamp of ownership!

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