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   Chapter 163 A Smile With Multiple Meanings (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6126

Updated: 2019-02-02 01:04

"Is it because of Little Molly?"

After hearing what Eric said, Brian cast him an infernal look.

Anger looked like hot lava boiling deep within his system, which churned beneath, hungry for destruction. The palpable pressure of the raging sea threatened to erupt at any time.

For a moment, the vicious darkness of the tumult felt as though it swallowed and possessed him whole. When he finally emerged from the dark murderous moment, he retorted,"What do you think it is?"

The question, asked in a tone so menacingly calm was enough to send home the message for both Eric and Molly.

Eric's hand holding the glass of wine suddenly tightened at Brian's words. He pretended the air of detachment, but in reality, he wondered whether to divulge Becky's current situation to Brian.

When their eyes locked, neither Brian nor Eric was willing to look away. It was as if they were battling a sort of contest with their glare. Both men watched each other. You'd think their heads were transparent, and each could see objects sitting inches behind the opponent's skull. Their gazes turned the adversary's stomach every bit like stumbling on a cold body in the dead of night. Their long looks spoke bitterness and more of their possessive infatuations with Molly.

"That's good if you will not regret what you've done." Eric burst into sudden laughter after he finished his words. It was imprudent laughter, in stark contrast to perceptible malice written over his face. He anticipated what would happen next.

Was that what his cousin called 'love'? So much for that!

Holding a pot of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice in her hand, Molly hid in the kitchen. She felt somewhat strange. It seemed there always was a strained atmosphere between Brian and Eric whenever she was in the kitchen cooking.

Who was the wo

s face as he listened to Shawn's praise for Aaron's decisiveness and ruthlessness when dealing with his enemies. The game on QY Island had just begun. He would go there himself once Wing's concert was over.

Right after he hung up, Brian heard a knock at the door. With his eyes still focused on the photo on his desk, which he had been staring at from the beginning of the call, he answered in a low voice,"Come in."

Gently, Molly pushed the door open. This was her second time into Brian's study. Last time when she had been in the study, Brian had taken her for the first time ever since she came to the villa. She really became his woman after that. He had been mad as a woken dragon and the sex had been rough and painful.

By instinct, Molly's lips tightened at the memory of that first time. She was not as conservative as those women who would die defending their virginity. She just felt uncomfortable about it. But she wasn't entirely angry, neither at herself nor at Brian. In any case, she had only slept with Brian. She had only one man, and that was Brian!

Besides, what really impressed her mind about this study was the photo on the desk. It was a photo of a woman, who looked very like herself.

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