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   Chapter 162 Molly VS Becky (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6955

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Eric frowned at the bad news. In his deep cold voice he asked," Felix, her attending physician, reassured me that everything was under his control. How could he let this happen?"

"Miss Yan went through so much mental stress that the nerves in her eyes were badly pressed which made the situation worse. Dr. Felix examined her thoroughly."

"Can we still hope for the best in this kind of situation or would it be best for us to accept the truth that this is something permanent?" Eric was burdened by his own thoughts as he asked.

"There is an underlying silver lining here only if we could get her to have retina transplant within three months. Yet if we are unsuccessful of finding the best donors then ... she will be trapped in the darkness permanently," the shadow added.

Keeping silent for a moment, Eric then asked," how many matching retinas have been found so far?"

"We have just found a pair and tomorrow Dr. Felix will do a series of tests. However..." The shadow choked himself because he knew he was going to convey another piece of bad news. "Dr. Felix said that the odds of successful match were lesser!"

"This isn't the time to lose hope. Let's wait for the result tomorrow keeping our fingers crossed. I want you to closely monitor everything and give me an update from time to time." Eric's voice was firm as he ordered.

"Yes, Young Master!"

An unfathomable darkness could be seen in Eric's eyes as he ended the conversation.

Although love never played a part between Eric and Becky and he pursued her merely because of his competitive spirit towards Brian, they still shared lots of memories since they had grown up together He couldn't stand watching Becky's sight gradually fading as if the snow in the winter stroked by the sunlight in the spring.

Wondering how he could break the news to Brian, Eric was preoccupied with his thoughts again. Yet, he was in doubt. Brian didn't even trouble himself finding Becky after she had been away for so long. That fact alone was enough not to tell him about Becky's heath issue.

Was it becau

d true love." Brian coldly revealed and put his glass of wine on the counter bar.

"Then, why haven't you looked for her?" Eric asked in a very sarcastic voice.

"I won't!" Brian responded in a firm voice. "If she has decided not to come back, then she will eventually become one of my life's greatest regrets."

Eric disagreed with the idea, looking at Brian's crystal-like eyes. Then he asked," She must be full of sorrow that she can no longer bear yet can't find words to say."

"If that's the case, she is leaving me no other option but to let her go!" Obviously, Brian was in fury as he looked at Eric with a stern face. Then he went on saying," Everyone should suffer the consequences of her willfulness!"

"You were once outraged with her willfulness back then, yet you would still want to find out where she was. However, this time ..." Eric's tone suddenly turned harsh. "I wonder if it's all because of Molly!"

Molly heard every word in their conversation. Her body went stiff with intensity upon hearing her name mentioned. Her bright mood froze abruptly like a flower that bloomed the other day yet died the next. Her heart was like in a horse race where she stood last. It beat hard -- so hard that anytime it could break away from her chest. It required her extra effort to breathe yet she dared not breathe heavily. She was just waiting for Brian to respond.

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