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   Chapter 161 Molly VS Becky (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6274

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Before Eric fully immersed himself in all these thoughts they had already arrived at the villa. Lisa couldn't hide the bliss in her smile as Molly pulled out the bags full of edibles. She gave the kitchen voluntarily to Molly while she helped John clean up the greenhouse in the backyard.

Molly was as busy as a bee getting dinner ready while Eric, who sat on a bar stool, was just toying with the tomatoes. Gradually, he was again consumed by his thoughts.

He had never witnessed any women so busy making dinner for a man in the kitchen before. His mom was always busy.

Besides, neither his mom nor his grandma was good at cooking.

His Aunt Shirley might often cook for Richie, yet he never got the chance to see her in the kitchen either.

For some unknown reason, Molly's cooking for his brother conveyed a stinging discomfort.

"Little Molly, why on earth have you suddenly decided to make dinner for Brian?" Eric asked, puzzled.

It would be very understandable for her not to, considering what had happened at the shopping mall and the Grand Night Casino the other day.

Molly exhibited enthusiasm in the kitchen while Eric frowned unable to escape from all his thoughts.

'Did something happen last night that I know nothing of?' Eric wondered.

The kitchen was filled with glee with Molly's presence. Not a bit of woe was existent.

She was perfecting her very own chicken recipe, thus averting her attention from Eric's being.

"Little Molly, how sure are you that Brian will come home for dinner?" Eric couldn't help asking. He, with no doubt, knew how busy Brian was at the moment since the reception wine party would transpire the next day.

Molly was stunned by Eric's query. She had never thought about the possibility that Brian might not come back. "I am uncertain about it," she answered.

The vibrant spirit the kitchen had possess

glass of wine for himself and was astonished to find out how crisp the smell of the wine was. It gave him a sense of comfort. He gulped it at once like he hadn't had it for thousands of years. It was indeed comforting.

He wondered what had happened to him recently.

Eric put down the wine glass with sort of bemusement on his handsome face.

He was just testing the place of Little Molly in Brian's heart. But when he got the test result, why was he so depressed and even hoped he had never known such a result?

Before he got on with his thoughts, his phone buzzed. He picked it up and asked in a gloomy tone,"What's the matter?"

"Mr. Eric Long, I regret to tell you that Miss Yan's health was unstable over the past couple of days!" On the phone came the voice of a shadow Eric had arranged around Becky.

With a sudden furrow on his eyebrows, Eric asked in a serious way,"What's wrong with her?"

"Miss Yan's eyes were infected. We are yet uncertain of how she got it. Moreover, there is a tendency for it to worsen. Her eyes were able to see a faint light earlier. However now..." The hesitation in the shadow's voice grew stronger as he continued. "Her whole world shut down with darkness because she can no longer see anything."

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