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   Chapter 160 Molly VS Becky (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6289

Updated: 2019-02-01 01:27

The melody of the violin still lingered in Molly's head.

It was full of great magic.

Every note played brought her peace and serenity. She rejoiced as she knew Spark and his music.

"The Summer Breeze," Molly mumbled with a gentle smile, which was like a flower in the winter that bloomed as the afternoon sunlight kissed it. Anyone could fall in love with it.

Molly walked with light steps happily, and then the words Shirley said to her earlier popped into her head and gave her some enlightenment. If life really had to be like this, why couldn't she let herself live in an easier way? Why would she always put herself in the dark and desperate situations?

Her eyes lit up being enlightened with those words. She heaved a sigh of relief and chuckled. Then she continued her way. Her eyes widened with delight as they met the Sun Supermarket Chain. It painted her a big smile. She wandered in the Supermarket, steering a shopping cart with excitement as if it were her first time.

She hadn't shopped at the supermarket for a long time since all her time was devoted to work. Usually, she would leave some money to Daniel for shopping. What was more, this month she didn't need to buy anything at all.

She was checking for a jar of salad dressing when her phone made a soft noise. Displeased, she took her phone out to see who was calling. Her face frowned as the caller turned out to be Eric. "What for now?" Molly asked in an unfriendly tone.

The noise from the other line was very audible to Eric. With no sign of annoyance, though, he asked,"Where are you now? And what is all that noise?"

"I'm at the supermarket," Molly replied and looked around automatically as if to check if Eric was around.

"Supermarket?" Eric exclaimed. "What are you doing there?"

"Buying food!"

"Buying food?"

"Hey, do you really intend to repeat exactly what I say?

dn't find any words as she was petrified, but soon she was able to calm herself down. Eric was Brian's cousin after all, and no wonder how easy it was for him to know something about her. Truthfully, it was not like what she thought.

As a matter of fact, it was the despair Eric had seen in Molly's eyes the night before that pushed him to check on her. As a result, he found out that Steven had been gambling at the Grand Night Casino.

Steven was a type of guy who would never walk into that kind of place according to his usual habit, yet he still went there. And to his surprise, Brian went there as well and what was even more surprising was that Steven stepped inside the VIP room!

If this was just Brian's way of making Little Molly stay, then he wasn't buying the idea!

Molly was not that special for Brian yet. Even if she was, he could've thought of other easier ways of keeping her, instead of going through so much trouble.

Eric had sent shadows to investigate what exactly had happened to Steven that year, yet it didn't go well because someone deterred it. Such determent was unlikely from Brian but more like from Richie.

Somehow amusing. The happenings intrigued him so much. It seemed that many people had been involved.

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