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   Chapter 156 The Encounter (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5988

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Sharon turned her back. The subtle flicker of restlessness in her eyes was very transparent though confusing as she saw a clearer image of the one who was coming. She exclaimed,"You're back."

"Yes, mom." As Molly mumbled, she walked up to Sharon and helped her sit down in a chair beside her. Then she said,"I came back the day before yesterday, but you were not at home then. I remembered that you had asked me to come back and you told me that you had something to talk to me."

Sharon, who seemed to be dazed for a moment, looked at Molly. There was an obvious hesitation hidden in her eyes. But finally she slightly said,"Nothing serious. I just thought that we hadn't had dinner together for a long time. So I asked you to come back to dine with us."

Molly looked at Sharon. The intuition told her that Sharon was keeping something from her. But she didn't reveal it. In fact, before she came back, she had anticipated that her mom might hide all the things and wouldn't let her know. After all, what her dad had done last night had already increased her load. And her mom loved her dad so deeply that she would do anything for him!

It must be this!

Molly said,"Though you don't have things to talk to me, I have something to discuss with you." Sharon felt confused. She looked at her with curious eyes. Molly continued,"Mom, have you and dad ever considered leaving A City? We can go anywhere in the world as long as we are together. Let's get out of this place, get away from legal casinos so that dad would not get lost in gambling. Let's leave here and restart."

Sharon listened, knitting her brows deeply. She said in a low voice,"Your father and I, we won't leave A City."

"Why?" Molly couldn't understand. "Why not? Leaving here is the best choice, isn't it? Why a

the man. He was looking at her haughtily. To her surprise, this man seemed to have changed into another person. His voice was no longer gentle like just now. Instead, the tone showed a kind of wildness and unruliness.

Molly thoroughly looked at the man as if she was investigating him. He wore a white sweater, covered with a lemon yellow jacket, and a pair of jeans and white sneakers. At that moment, he was not so serious like when he was playing the violin. On the contrary, he became a quite casual person. At first glance, he was not a handsome man, but no one could ignore the charm in him.

Molly shook her head as she stood up. And she asked,"Were you just encouraging these ants?"

When the man heard it, he slightly lifted the corners of his mouth with amusement and he answered,"Yes! The passersby may consider me as a fool..."

"Do you care about the views from others?" Molly asked.

Hearing this, the man suddenly moved forward before Molly could make any reaction. She was so startled seeing the man's face draw nearer that it made her jump back quickly. And this time, the man lifted the corners of his mouth with wickedness. He asked,"It seems like you care less?"

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