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   Chapter 155 The Encounter (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5932

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Her first charity concert was held in T City. It was said that she once lived there. She had the most pleasant, the warmest, and also the most unforgettable memories in that place.

Her charity concerts were all held abroad for several years after her first concert held in T City. And people had strongly anticipated that the next would be held in M Country or France. To their surprise, she finally made the decision to hold it in A City.

The tickets to Wing's charity concert were hard to get. It was different from the previous day's reception. Apart from a few tickets which were given away as gifts, the rest of the tickets could only be bought by queuing up.

Molly watched the news reports on TV. She didn't know much about concerts. Such elegant art was far from her life. When she was a child, she had learned to play the piano for a short time. Unfortunately, after that accident, she rarely played the piano. And such a thing had nothing to do with her any more.

Molly's attention was still on the news report. Wing who looked dashing on her pink dress was being interviewed by some reporters. She had a pair of big gleaming eyes with eyelashes gently fluttering. She was such a lovely girl, representing sunshine and hope. The warmth of her smile could dispel the coldness of the weather.

She was very pretty. Her face hid the truth about her age. She spoke and acted in an aristocratic way, just like a princess. She had her own pride, but without arrogance.

Molly smiled to herself. Wing was so perfect that she could be compared to an angel. A woman like her, no one could reject. No wonder why even Brian protected her to the utmost extent.

The host then asked a question but Molly missed it as she was not paying so much attention to it. But s

in human-beings were, there was one thing that would never change. That was "home".

"Sister? You're back!" Daniel was doing his homework when Molly came back home. Seeing Molly, he threw his homework away and took a few steps towards her.

Daniel looked taller than last time they met, Molly noticed. She asked him as she messed his hair,"How about your exam?"

"I have so much confidence to be at the top 3 among all the students of the whole grade." Daniel was self-assured.

Molly's face beamed with delight as she heard what her brother had said. She then positively replied,"Hmm, I know that you are the best."

"Haha..." Daniel smiled proudly. He asked,"Sister, have you come back home for mom and dad? Dad has gone out and he hasn't returned yet, but mom is at home."

"Yes, I have something to talk with mom. Go and do your homework, I will look for mom." After saying that, Molly got into the living room.

Sharon was standing in front of a window at that moment. From the place she stood, she could see the willow swung freely and gently by the wind in the small yard. It was such a desolated scene.

Molly exclaimed,"Mom," as she saw her standing there.

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