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   Chapter 154 The Encounter (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5932

Updated: 2019-01-31 00:14

Molly looked towards Brian.

He was lying on the sofa indolently while holding a book in his hand.

He saw her come in, yet he just snatched a momentary glance at her, and then drew his eyes back to his book.

Brian was indeed a handsome man. He had an angular face with narrow and sharp eyes. His thin lips were gently closed as he was lying on the sofa and reading a book. Such Brian, compared with the usual, was less distant and arrogant, but a little more elegant. The scene in front of her was so peaceful, as if it were a picture. He was so attractive that no one could take their eyes away from him.

Molly took off her shoes and put her slippers on without saying a word. Her fair face was with a little flush which was left by the cool wind outside.

Brian asked indifferently without raising his head,"Have you come to an agreement with Steven?" His long and slim fingers gracefully flipped a page, creating a rustling sound and a heavy atmosphere.

Molly bit her lips as she glared at Brian and said coldly,"I have nothing to talk with him. Everything is under your control, isn't it?"

Hearing this, Brian's eyes flickered slightly and his thin lips curled a little. He raised up his head and looked at her, then said flatly,"Mol, I have told you, don't you dare escape from me as long as I don't say yes!"

"You wretch!" Molly, with a furious face, looked at Brian, wondering whether he was an angel or a devil. Sometimes, she really wanted to tear him to pieces to see what his inner world was like.

She wondered why he treated her so nicely at times and made her feel warm, yet sometimes he acted like a devil.

"I... was never a good guy." The smile at the corners of his mouth gradually turned into a sneer. Even under the deep-set eyes cove

end to Uncle Richie and Aunt Shirley for their 30th wedding anniversary!'

There was a slight bitterness in Eric's eyes. He withdrew his eyes from the mess and got into the car. Starting engine, changing gear and releasing the parking brake, all these actions were done smoothly. The roar of the engine was especially harsh in the quiet and deserted night. After a sharp turn, the car kicked up a lot of dust and then pulled away from the ruins...


After the concert by Park Shin Chun, another piece of news drew the attention of the world's musicians again; A City would hold a charity concert by Wing.

Wing held a charity concert in different countries every year. All the money raised would be used for doing some research or aiding some special diseases.

Wing wielded a lot of influence, not to mention her secret identification. So the amount of money she raised each year was astronomical. At the beginning, many people believed that she did these only for publicity. However, when they saw that many people around the world indeed got help, and a lot of drugs were developed under the money she raised, their question gradually turned into the world's acclaim.

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