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   Chapter 151 What Was All This For (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6504

Updated: 2019-01-30 00:18

It was already late winter and the night wind blew mercilessly outside.

Although the weather had been good for the past few days, the temperature varied significantly between day and night in A City.

As the night wore on, the wind's icy blasts swept across people's faces like sharp knives and the pain was extreme.

Molly and Steven were sitting on a bench in Moonlight Street, one of the busiest streets in A City at night. To others, this might have felt like paradise, yet the two felt like they were kicked down into hell once again.

Molly looked up at the bright neon lights of the Grand Night Casino. She felt numb, inside and outside.

She thought, 'Life is quite strange. One moment you are struggling to pay your bills, and in the next moment, you want nothing in life.'

Steven, who was sitting beside her, felt nervous about her silence. He was wrapped in his guilty conscience, yet many of the things that had happened were out of his control, like his addiction to gambling.

Molly's pale face was now flushed because of the cold wind and her eyes were still red and teary. Her long curly eyelashes kept fluttering and it seemed as if she was feeling doubtful and perplexed about the world around her.

Steven decided to break the long silence. With knitted eyebrows, he rubbed his hands together to warm them, and started,"Molly-"

But Molly interrupted him and said,"You know what, dad?" Her voice was hollow and it quickly drifted into the air like a light breeze. "I was kidnapped yesterday."

"What? When was this? How did that happen?" Steven's eyes widened in shock like large saucers. He examined Molly up and down, and asked her worriedly,"Did you get hurt?"

Molly shook her head as she looked away from the neon lights and stared at her father. The worried look written on his face was sincere. She knew that, although her father didn't care about her daily life too much, she still did have a place i

lly's eyelids fluttered uncontrollably. She sniffled and swallowed hard as she slowly stood up from the cold bench. She watched the people passing her by on the street and let out a sigh saying,"I've been deceiving myself all these years. I told myself that I was still young back then and you would eventually forgive me even though you lost your pride and joy because of me. But now, I have realized that I have been living in my own dreams without daring to face the reality. If... If this is what you want for me, then just let it be! If you are happier this way, then I will accept it as long as you're satisfied."

Molly's hot tears continued to drip down her cheeks and they quickly became icy cold due to the winter wind.

Steven still kept his silence, but he clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles had turned white.

Molly's words were like an icicle stabbing his heart, harder and deeper. He felt extremely painful and heart-broken, yet he could do nothing at all!

Molly expected him to say something, but felt disappointed by Steven's silence, and the last spark of hope in her eyes vanished. She closed her eyes in agony for a while, then she dragged her legs and forced herself to move forward. Her small figure trudged towards the busy crowd and gradually faded away.

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