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   Chapter 150 A Game- Who Won And Who Lost (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6250

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He looked at Molly guiltily, but he believed that he had no choice but to do what he had to do, even though she might misunderstand or even dislike him.

Steven tried his best to refrain from moving his eyes away. He looked miserably at the daughter whom he should have protected, but who had to pretend to be strong for their sake. His heart felt like it was being pricked by a million needles. It hurt so much that he was suffocated.

Shirley sighed deeply. Seeing how determined Molly was, she felt very sorry for her. She already knew how this was going to end.

Shane finished shuffling quickly and put the cards on the table. As his thumb slid over them, the cards were lined up in an extremely trim order.

"Casino War!" Molly tried hard to keep calm as she said that.

Brian frowned slightly, but did not object.

Molly took a deep breath before she walked to the cards. Then she looked at them on the table, closed her eyes for a second and opened them again. She was so nervous that she gulped. Her hand trembled and hesitated while sliding over the cards. Finally, holding her breath, she picked up a card and turned it over.

Ace of hearts!

Molly's eyes brightened, while her heart, which was a moment ago ready to burst out of her mouth, leaped in joy. She tried hard not to look excited and then she said to Brian,"It's your turn."

After a quick glance at the card chosen by Molly, Brian walked forward to the rest of the cards. He contemplated for a while, picked one of them seemingly at random and turned it over with his slender fingers to show it to Molly, as he said indifferently,"I win."

Seeing the Ace of spades in Brian's hand, Molly was quickly furious and yelled,"You cheat!"

Brian smiled cunningly and everybody's attention was on him. He said arrogantly,"Molly, I have seventy-eight casinos all over the world. How could

m. She forgot all about her quarrel with Richie and muttered mostly to herself,"If only he could measure his emotions clearly before hurting others..."

Richie held Shirley in his arms and looked at the father and daughter outside. He said,"He wouldn't understand it until he experiences it himself."

Shirley's heart sank. She hid in Richie's arms. She clung on to the familiar faint smell of tobacco from his body. She was happy with her life and she wanted every strong-willed girl like Molly to be happy as well. Molly deserved her own happiness. She was such a kind hearted girl.

Richie tenderly held Shirley close to his chest with his chin rubbing her hair. He loved Shirley for her kindness and tenacity; her occasional stubbornness did not matter much to him. He loved her so much that he was willing to accept her as she was. He did not need to explain anything to her, and she did not mention about the morning's events either.

They already had a tacit understanding of what they wanted for themselves and how important they were to each other.

But Shirley did not know at the time that there was a secret about Molly she never disclosed. Once the secret came to light, would Brian be able to decide what he really wanted?

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