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   Chapter 149 A Game- Who Won And Who Lost (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6384

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Shirley knew nothing about gambling, but she could guess based on Steven's and Molly's expressions that the game was not going in their favor.

"Excuse me, hit or stay?" the croupier asked after waiting for three minutes as per the rules.

Steven looked at Shane's calm demeanor, gritted his teeth and said,"Hit, for the second pair."

Since the first pair made 16 and the third pair made 20, even if the second pair exceeded 21, he would still have a chance to beat the dealer and win the game.

With his gloved hand, the croupier dealt another card and turned it over near the second pair of cards. Steven and Molly had their hearts in their mouths, breathlessly staring at the card which was about to be revealed.

Steven's eyes lighted up as soon as he saw the 5 facing him. Steven instantly beamed, which vividly demonstrated the mentality of a gambler finding an escape in desperate circumstances.

"Excuse me, hit or stay?" the croupier asked him again.

Steven shook his head and said with a smile,"Stay!"

Then he looked at Shane who was ready to continue the game.

Shane looked calmly at Steven. Although he remained silent, his presence was a little nerve wracking.

The croupier then dealt three cards in succession. They were 2, 2 and 6. And now, the sum of the dealer's cards had reached 20.

Steven looked at Shane's cards tensely. Shane would not be able to beat him unless the card that had been placed face down in the beginning was an A. If it was any other card, the sum would exceed 21.

Steven was so anxious that he almost forgot to breathe. But since the possibility of him losing was so little, his eyes were hopeful. He raised his eyes from the card and looked at Shane, who turned over the last card slowly. Shane frowned and shook his head with a sigh. Seeing his reaction, Steven was absolutely sure that Shane's sum exceeded 21.

Shane looked up at Steven, w

Brian better than her, because she was his mother. Since the game was suggested by her son, the little devil, Molly was undoubtedly going to lose. That was his plan.

Molly did not look at Shirley. She was deeply grateful to Shirley for everything she had done for her, but she had no choice but to face Brian by herself.

Molly said,"Aunt Shirley, I have decided. I am going to play." Molly was more determined than ever. She knew without a doubt that even if she refused to play the game, Brian wouldn't let her go. Then why not play and try her luck? Even if her chance of winning was one in a thousand, or one in ten thousand, she wanted to give it a try as long as there was any chance of winning.

Brian smiled elusively, showing a little of his pearly white teeth. He saw the light shining in Molly's eyes, which were almost the same as those of Becky's. He always lost himself in those eyes.

The game began. Shane started to shuffle the cards. There was a rule in Grand Night that cheating was prohibited. The rule was applicable to every game and everyone playing it, including Brian.

Steven looked uneasily at Molly, who was already seated at the table. He was going through a bunch of mixed emotions and all of them rose to his mind at the same time.

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