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   Chapter 147 You Broke Your Promise (Part Two)

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Jason then smiled and turned to Shirley,"Please, follow me. Our boss is upstairs."

All eyes followed Jason and the two ladies into the elevator. As the elevator doors shut, the people in the casino wondered who the woman was. Some of the regulars thought that Shirley might have been one of the queens of the casino years ago.

Of course, the discussion in the casino did not bother Shirley. She was more interested in finding out what Jason's boss had in mind at that moment.

Molly had only served in the VIP room for one day when she had been working there, so she was not quite familiar with the room.

Shirley comforted Molly by patting her hands,"Everything is gonna be fine. Don't worry."

Molly nodded nervously. She was not really afraid of Brian anymore. All her pride had gone out the window when she admitted that she was his woman in front of that many people in the mall. It was humiliating to even think about it.

Molly sighed. She looked around and heard the other end of the VIP room being opened by a waiter from the inside. Someone inside the room caught her eye.

"What's wrong, Little Molly?" Shirley followed Molly's gaze. The door had already been closed and she couldn't see who was inside.

This time, Molly was sure who the man was. She was overwhelmed by anger. "Aunt Shirley, give me a minute."

Shirley did not have the time to react or reply as Molly hastily strode towards the door. The waiter panicked as he saw her going for the door of the VIP room. "Miss, you can't-" But Molly ignored the waiter and pushed the door open.

The members were in the middle of a game. Two men were sitting on opposite ends of the green flannel table. Molly didn't bother to look at the man on the left. Her attention was wholly on the man on the right and she was about to explode.

"Molly..." Steven called slowly, surprised. He wasn't expecting to see Molly there at all.

Molly shouted at Steven furiously,"What are you doing here?"

"Miss, I am sorry, but you need to leave now!" the waiter interrupted.

Molly glared at him and shook off the hands that were trying to grab her. She started to walk towards the table to confront Steven, but was stopped by the waiter again.

"Miss, the game is still on. No one is allowed to interrupt the ga

ome numb after what had happened last night.

Molly gnashed her teeth and held back her tears. She did not want to waste any time on Brian. She just wanted to know why her dad was there.

The minimum threshold to get into a VIP room was a million dollars. There was no way that her dad had that kind of money in hand.

But when Molly suspiciously looked into Brian's arctic eyes, she understood the situation a little more clearly. "Is this you? Did you set my father up?"

"Me?" Brian scoffed. "Any casino is in itself a set-up. Everyone knows how it works, but they just can't help themselves, Mol. Do you know why?"

Brian approached Molly and said in a whisper,"Once a man is addicted to gambling, there is no stopping him. Do you understand?"

Molly ground her teeth and desperately held back her tears. She couldn't believe that her dad would gamble again for such a huge amount of money.

It required millions of dollars worth of tokens to get into one of the VIP rooms. She knew that her dad could not have afforded that much.

"An hour ago, my dad was at the casino floor and now he is in a VIP room. You are the one behind this." Molly took a deep breath and tried to piece together the events that had happened an hour back. When she stepped into the casino, she had spotted her dad at the blackjack table. But when she was distracted by Shirley and Lynne, Brian's men took him away to the VIP room. Molly was filled to the brim with anger. She turned to Brian and asked,"What do you want from me?"

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