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   Chapter 146 You Broke Your Promise (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8255

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Molly looked at the man. She was shocked when she saw him sitting at the blackjack game table. Molly felt her blood freeze at the sight.

Shirley was excited at first, but she soon noticed that there was something wrong with Molly. Molly was standing right by her side, her face was pale and her breathing was rapid. She was staring right ahead of her and had a furious look on her face.

Shirley tried to figure out who had caught Molly's attention, but the casino was too crowded. They were standing by the entrance, so her field of vision was being blocked by various gambling tables and people.

Shirley groaned as she failed to see who it was that Molly was looking at. "Little Molly, who are you looking at? An old friend?"

Shirley's voice pulled Molly back to reality and she quickly headed straight to the man sitting at the table.

Since Molly had worked in Grand Night Casino before, some of the waiters recognized her. And they were wondering why she was there, after all Molly had left the casino a while back and had not come back to work. But now that she was back, she was supposed to be serving in the VIP rooms. It was strange that she was walking casually in the main hall.

"Molly! Is that you?" Lynne was surprised to see Molly in the casino and grabbed her arm.

"Lynne... why are you here at this time?" Molly asked.

"Someone asked me to cover her shift," Lynne replied with a smirk. "This shift will be over in half an hour. If you are not in a hurry, we can meet afterwards. I need to ask you something."

Molly frowned and asked,"About what?"

"This is not the right place to talk. I need to attend to my customers first. Wait for me and we can talk after work," Lynne replied.

"But I have... some things... to attend to." Lynne left before Molly could finish her sentence.

But Molly was too occupied to be bothered by Lynne's words. By the time she headed to the table, she had already lost sight of the man.

"Little Molly, who are you looking for?" Shirley followed her and asked curiously.

Molly looked around, but the man was no where to be found. "I thought I saw an acquaintance of mine just now, but maybe it's not him."

"Oh? Really?" Shirley was still doubtful, but she did not think of it as a big deal. "Let's go and get some tokens!"

Molly nodded. She glanced at the crowd and tried to ease her way to the token exchange counter.

Maybe that was not him...

Molly checked the counter to see if

d at the camera and then looked at Jason. "Yes, I am planning to win the casino. So what?" Shirley said loudly on purpose.

The loud challenge made everyone look at her in surprise. Although many people did not hear what Molly had said earlier about winning the casino, they were all experienced gamblers and understood what she meant without a second thought.

Jason wondered whether Shirley had a prominent family background. However, he remained calm and asked respectfully,"My lady, would you like to move to a VIP room later?"

Shirley looked at the surveillance camera again and smiled,"I don't care where the venue is. I only care who I am gambling with. "

"My lady, you can tell me at any time if you have any special requests and we will try our best to meet your expectations." Jason was, after all, a well-experienced person. Although he figured that it was Shirley's first visit to the casino, he had a hunch that she wasn't someone to be taken lightly.

"How about I gamble with your boss?" Shirley asked, smirking.

Molly was confused at her request. She whispered,"Aunt Shirley..."

"Why do you think I got a full pass every time at the slot machine?" Shirley interrupted her. Shirley was not a fool. If a slot machine had such troublesome technical issues, then the casino would have been bankrupted a long time ago.

Molly began to understand what had happened.

While the two ladies were whispering to each other, Jason stood there embarrassed, not knowing what to say. Just as he was going to invite the ladies again to the VIP room, a voice was heard from his inter-phone, ordering him to take them upstairs.

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