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   Chapter 145 The Subtle Changes In Feelings (Part Three)

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"Richie will give up soon and go look for her himself," Brian said, confident that his father would take care of things.

Eric grinned and went on to ask,"What about Little Molly?"

Brian halted in front of the door and glanced over his shoulder at Eric. His dark eyes rippled and he maintained a casual voice,"She has you, doesn't she?"

"Are you entrusting her to me?" Eric asked as he left the bar counter. "Aren't you afraid that she might really become my wife one day?"

"Please ask me this question again when she agrees to become yours." Brian left with a smug smile on his face.

He thought to himself, 'Molly, don't you want to leave me?

Let's wait and see if you will really be able to leave me even if you have Shirley's help.'


Molly and Shirley stayed at the cafe for quite a long while. It was past dinner time and their table was in quite a mess. They had ordered too many different ice creams and they had melted before they could start eating them. The table was now a colorful mess of melted ice creams.

The entrance door to the cafe was pushed open suddenly and Antonio rushed in.

Shirley wasn't surprised at Antonio's arrival, but as she expectantly looked behind Antonio, a dash of disappointment flashed through her eyes because she couldn't see the man whom she was expecting.

"Mrs. Long, Wing has invited you for dinner," Antonio announced.

"I'm not going!" Shirley refused bluntly. She knew that Wing was hoping to be the mediator. Wing would surely put in a good word for Richie during dinner. Shirley was aggrieved that Richie hadn't come to get her himself. She was surely acting a little bit wayward this time, but why did he have to be so serious with her? Why hadn't he come to coax her?

Antonio was about to say something, but was stopped by Shirley's words. "Little Molly and I have something to do. I don't have the time now."

Saying that, Shirley waved at the waiter and paid the bill. Then she took Molly's hand and left the cafe. Molly stayed silent throughout the conversation between them.

Antonio didn't

one of Brian's 'toys'.

Shirley and Molly stood still in front of the casino for a few minutes, staring at the flashing signboard of the casino. A lot of complicated emotions rose in Molly's heart. She was the waitress there only a few days ago, and now, she was there as a customer.

Molly remembered the disdainful look in Eda Mi's eyes earlier that day, which told her clearly that even if she was dressed in magnificent clothes, her inferiority was still obvious.

"Let's go in!" Shirley held onto Molly's hand and entered the Grand Night Casino. Without their knowledge, a man was discreetly watching them from the moment they got out of the taxi.

"Young Master, are you going to let Mrs. Long act wildly like this?" Antonio couldn't help but ask.

Devoid of any emotions on his cold and handsome face, Richie Long replied with a hint of sympathy in his voice,"Do you think that she really is angry with me?"

Antonio was confused by his question.

Richie explained,"She is just feeling sympathetic towards Molly Xia and wants to help her."

Upon hearing Richie's explanation, Antonio somehow understood the situation.

After Shirley entered the casino with Molly, she curiously scanned the hall, excited to try all sorts of games. Molly looked around the hall too. But when she noticed a person who was betting at a blackjack table, her face instantly went pale.

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