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   Chapter 144 The Subtle Changes In Feelings (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6810

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"Let me tell you something..." Shirley leaned over the table dramatically towards Molly and said in a hushed voice," That demon has always been so clever ever since he was a young boy. He always took care of things on his own and never asked for anyone's help. And what's more... he likes to stay with his sister, but not me because he thinks I'm too silly. Hmph! So, yeah! I don't like him either!"

Molly's jaw dropped in amazement at how seriously Shirley said all that. She could actually picture how unhappy Shirley's face would look because of Brian's attitude. "But he is your son. Why would you say such a thing?" asked Molly.

"Yes, he is my son. That's exactly why it makes me angry every time he does it," Shirley said and sighed. "But I have to admit that he is too clever for his own good. Let me tell you a story about him. When he was about five years old, he could already outsmart his, my husband, the man with the poker face you saw this morning," she joked. "Brian once secretly transferred some of his father's assets to his own account and competed against him for an auction item. He made a lot of money that day by fooling his father."

Molly listened to Shirley with keen interest, her eyes wide, as if she was being told an unbelievable story.

"But, to tell the truth, back during his childhood, Brian was a very lovely boy. I don't know why he has become the way he is now, aggressive and ill-tempered. He is no longer the pleasant kid I used to know,"

Shirley said with a worried look. Richie was a responsible man. All those years ago, when Richie had found out that he owed Shirley a lot and that he had to marry her, he had shouldered his responsibility and had kept his promise through the years. He was the only man who had helped Shirley move forward and see a brighter future.

But unlike Richie, Brian had grown up in a very cruel environment. Shirley wondered whether that was the reason for Brian's cold behavior.

Molly stayed silent. It was hard for her to imagine a five-y

fferently. He walked away from the window and put his glass down on the bar table and commented," The drink is kind of sour today."

Eric scoffed as Brian was about to leave. He said," You've turned sour today because of your jealousy. And that is why your drink seems sour too."

Brian stopped and turned around to cast a sharp glance at him and asked," Eric, I am curious. Would it be possible that if I fall in love with Molly, then you will simultaneously fall in love with her too?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Eric evaded a direct answer, but he said casually," Who knows? Brian, I told you, didn't I? Little Molly is a very interesting girl."

A thin smile tugged at the corners of Brian's lips. With his hands shoved into his pockets, he squinted at Eric and said slowly," Alright, you can take it that I am in love with her."

Not the slightest trace of emotion was indicated in Brian's steady voice. Eric was a little surprised to hear Brian admit it so straightforwardly. He casually rested his arms on the bar counter and looked at Brian. He smiled back at his cousin and said," Brian, you've devoted a lot for Becky's sake already."

Brian didn't respond to that. He just said," I am going to the Grand Night Casino. Help yourself here."

"What about Auntie Shirley? Aren't you going to look for her?" Eric straightened up and asked.

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