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   Chapter 143 The Subtle Changes In Feelings (Part One)

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"Are you going to threaten me too?" Shirley snapped and glared at her satanic son, as she gripped Molly's hand tight.

Brian was taken aback by Shirley's anger. Shirley seldom got so angry with him, as far as he could remember. Brian had really pushed her buttons this time. She looked genuinely furious, so Brian softened his voice and started to say,"Shirley..."

"Don't even say my name!" Shirley yelled at him. She was so mad at Richie and Brian. Both father and son had been bullying her one after the other. "I am taking Little Molly away from you people. I don't want her to suffer anymore under your atrocities. If you have any objection to that, you can come straight to me!"

After saying that much, Shirley cast one more outraged glance at Brian and then shifted her gaze to Eric and Frank Long. Finally, she left the three men behind and pulled Molly away with her.

Because of all the farce, the entire shopping mall was filled with a chill tension and there was pin-drop silence.

"I don't want to hear anyone discussing about this matter again," Frank calmly ordered. His eyes were still fixed on the spot where Shirley had been standing.

Hale Li nodded his head and arranged some men to handle the matter quickly.

At the end of all this, Eda Mi was fired without receiving any of her wages, and worse, she had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in compensation for the clothes. Eda stood at the entrance of Falloon Mall and stared at the Dragon Empire Group logo with pure resentment in her eyes. A gust of cold wind from outside pierced through her skin and chilled her bones. Narrowing her eyes, she gritted her teeth and swore,"Hmph! Molly Xia, you wait till I get my hands on you and when I do, I will definitely make you pay for what you did to me today!"

After spouting out these furious words, Eda Mi left.

But in reality, although Eda lost her job and was made to compensate for the clothes as a punishment by Eric, her life was actually saved by Molly's words. Molly had confessed openly to Brian by saying that she wasn't Eric's wife but Brian's woman. And to top it off

e forward one step at a time, there will be something beautiful waiting for me."

Shirley was satisfied with Molly's words. They laughed and talked happily, devouring all the ice creams they had ordered. They seemed like a pair of good friends despite the significant age difference. When other customers in the cafe curiously glanced at them, they would stare back together and then turn to look at each other and burst out laughing.

"The ice-cream cakes here are very delicious. Do you want to try some?" Shirley suggested.

"Um...I am not quite fond of cakes. I don't like sweet food," said Molly.

Surprised, Shirley asked,"Really? But last time I ordered mousse cake for you and you didn't refuse. Why?"

Turning a little red in the face, Molly said,"I was too embarrassed and didn't want to refuse your hospitality."

Shirley placed her fork on the plate and said with a serious look on her face,"Next time, don't let that happen. You should not feel embarrassed to tell me how you feel. Just be frank and tell me what's on your mind- whatever that is. Okay?"

"Yes, I will!" Molly nodded her head enthusiastically. She then looked around the shop once and lowered her voice,"Can I say that I don't like Brian?"

After a surprised pause, Shirley's lips curled up in a naughty smile and she said,"To be honest, I don't like that demon either."

"What?!" Molly's eyes widened in shock.

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