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   Chapter 142 Who's Your Husband (Part Two)

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Grinding her teeth and gripping the coat in her hands tightly, Eda glared at Molly in rage. In her typical jaundiced manner, it seemed that she was blaming her own faults and disgrace on Molly.

Frowning, Shirley was considering to intercede for Eda as she looked so pitiful now. Originally, Shirley had just planned to give her a lesson but not to get her fired. However, when she saw the resentful look in Eda's eyes, she gave up the idea of helping her. If Eda kept staying here, the event that had happened today would definitely repeat over and over again. Now it would be like killing criminals to deter crime. The Dragon Empire Group would be better without her.

Meeting Eda's angry eyes, Molly somehow felt a little guilty. She had thought Eda would only get scolded or warned, but this was way more serious.

Suddenly, the hand on her shoulder grasped her harder. She turned to look at Eric, who gave her a consoling glance. Then squinting at the coat in Eda's hands, Eric commanded,"As the assistant manager, you knew the coat was defective. But instead of telling customers about that, you still tried to charge them the full price. You must face disciplinary action, based on the regulation of the Dragon Empire Group."

Basing on the regulation of the Dragon Empire Group meant she'd leave on summary dismissal. She'd also be painfully aware of Molly's turn of fortune. Worse still, with her deplorable financial state, the loss of her job would be devastating. She'd live sighing on the slim chance that every dog has its day.

"And, that coat had been twisted by you," Eric kept his gaze on the coat gripped firmly in Eda's hands. "Since that coat is defective, we'll seek compensation from you at 90% discount!"

Hearing Eric's words, Eda's heart sank. Even on 90% discount, the cost of this coat would still run into tens of thousands.

"Why on earth should I compensate?" Eda queried, her chest heaving in anger. Anyway she would be fired without wages for sure, so she was afraid of nobody here now.

"Because you upset my wife," said Eric, arrogantly. "This is your little punishment for that."

Then, he held Molly, who was still in shock, in his arms to leave. As they turned around, they caught someone staring at them with a smile. By instinct, they both turned to look in the direction of the stare over Frank.

When her eyes met Brian's, Molly's face turned pale.

o help! When she was in trouble, you..."

"Aunt Shirley!" an alarmed Molly interrupted, stealing a glance at Eda who was still standing by. She then turned to Brian and continued,"I'm not Eric's wife, I'm your woman!"

If Brian knew what Eda had done, he might kill her. Although Molly was mad, she had interrupted Shirley to save Eda's life.

After all, Molly knew that Brian had no scruples. Damn! He'd kill for fun.

Disappointment flashed across Eric's heart as he heard Molly speak in panic. Ignoring the empathy he felt, he glared Brian in the face, burning with rage.

'Brian, have you fallen for Molly?

That's a terrible choice, you know!

What would happen when Becky comes back? How would you play your cards?'

An evil smile appeared on Eric's face when these thoughts ran to his mind. He shrugged and said,"Anyway, don't take it seriously. You would… scare Little Molly."

With a faint cold smile, Brian peered at Eric, remembering the intimate way he had called Molly. Then he fixed his eyes on Molly once again. "What? Are you scared now?"

Seeing the way Molly acted in front of Brian, the look in Eda's eyes turned more vicious. Silently she scorned, 'Conceited poor bitch! Does she fantasize about becoming a Mrs. Long? The most shameless call girl in A City! Fake as they come!

Hum! Molly Xia, sooner or later you will pay for what you've done to me today.'

Eda slowly narrowed her eyes in malice.

"Should I also be threatened by you? Uh?" Shirley asked before Molly could reply, holding Molly's hands tightly and glaring at her son who looked like a devil.

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