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   Chapter 141 Who's Your Husband (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8456

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Right after he finished his work in EMP, Brian went back to the villa.

He somehow was eager to arrive home, and he got a bit worried at the thought of Molly being uneasy in sleep.

When he got home, it was so quiet in the villa that he thought Molly was still sleeping. He went upstairs quietly and walked in Molly's room, but she wasn't there.

Immediately, Brian became angry.

He left the room, went downstairs and inquired of Lisa about Molly's whereabouts.

"Mrs. Long took her away," Lisa replied.

Knitting his eyebrows, Brian thought in silence with a glassy look in his eyes, 'Why did Shirley take Molly away? Wasn't she supposed to be with Richie, instead of taking her risky outings with Molly again?'

As he thought about it, it slowly dawned on him why. It was likely.... Richie was not happy with what had transpired in the morning!

"You may go back to work now," Brian said impassively to Lisa. He took out his phone and called Antonio after Lisa had left with a faint reply. "Antonio, where is Shirley?"

"She's in the Falloon Mall with Molly," Antonio answered, sitting in a car and staring at the fifteen-storey building which covered an area of more than 3, 000 square meters "They have stayed in the mall for two hours," continued Antonio.

"I see!" replied Brian. Then he hung up and walked out.

In the car speeding to the Fallon Mall, Tony peeked at Brian secretly. Brian seemed to be calm, but there was a thoughtful look on his face. It wasn't clear whether he was thinking about Molly or Shirley.

The moment Brian stepped into the Falloon Mall, he drew many eyes immediately. But all the passers-by withdrew their gazes hastily when they met Brian's sharp detached glance.

Instead of asking the security guards of the XK Intelligence Agency which floor Molly and Shirley were on, he searched for them personally floor by floor with escalators.

In the middle of the escalators stood a giant star-shaped ceiling lamp with tassels lighting the entire mall. All around were all kinds of open-plan stores.

Just as Brian arrived on the seventh floor, he saw lots of people were gathering at a store near the escalator. He saw Frank and all the executives of the Falloon Mall running down to this floor while he rode the escalator up. Immediately he knew, Shirley and Molly must be at the center of the melee.

What surprised him most was to hear the sensual words from Molly. She had just called Eric "honey" a few moments after Brian's arrival.


What a sweet and in

regretted her actions. Where had all these people appeared from? Did they all know she was extorting Molly? Her head began to spin. She would be fired for sure.

Eda bit her lips, hoping that they hadn't seen what she had done. She seriously hoped so!

"Mr. Li, how would you handle it?" Eric asked leisurely.

The Falloon Mall CEO in A City - Hale Li broke beads of sweat on his face. Usually, Eric Long, the vice president, was hard to deal with. Now with the president's presence, the whole situation was out of his hands.

Actually Hale didn't know what had happened. But no matter what, Eda was culpable. It was her fault to extort Eric's wife. Even though he knew that Molly wasn't Eric's wife, he wanted to strangle the assistant manager anyway.

"Ahem!" As he walked up to Eric, Hale coughed slightly. Deep within he was cursing fiercely, although he replied respectfully,"Mr. Vice President, please let me get filled in on what has happened first."

As she watched Hale's deference to Eric and heard Eric's title, Eda went completely numb. Her mouth involuntarily opened, feeling like it had been blown dry by a vacuum cleaner. Her eyes popped out like a DVD. She looked at Eric in disbelief, and then slowly turned to Molly.

"What was going on?" Hale asked Eda in a low voice.

It enraged Hale that Eda had fumbled for quite long, but still she couldn't explain the whole drama clearly. In the end, Hale asked the two shop assistants in the store about the matter. Upon hearing the truth, he hit the roof.

"Go clear your wages at the financial department and then you can leave. The Falloon Mall doesn't need employees like you." With finality Hale ordered.

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