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   Chapter 140 So Sad! Leaving With Little Molly (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6311

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Seeing that Shirley had placed the clothes back and Molly still looked humble, Eda Mi became even more arrogant. She looked at them from head to toe and asked sarcastically," How did the two of you find the guts to come here in your counterfeit ten a penny rugs? Alas!" Eda Mi suddenly cried and attracted the attention of two shop assistants. One of them had worked with Molly, and she was also usually bullied by Eda Mi. The other one had been transferred here after Molly quit. The two assistants sympathised with Molly and Shirley and went sort out the clothes silently.

Eda Mi took out the clothes that Shirley had placed back and mockingly exclaimed," Oh my god! This is brand new, but now it's torn. It must be your fault. You did it just now..." With this, she looked at Shirley.

Shirley just looked back at Eda Mi indifferently, with a slight smile on her face. Eda Mi suddenly felt her heart miss a beat. However, she pretended to be calm and insisted," The coat is damaged, and... you'll have to compensate for it!"

Suddenly, Molly grabbed the coat out of Eda Mi's hands and gnashed. She tried all her best to inhibit her self-humiliation as she stared at Eda Mi," Oh! Does it split? Is it possible that you purchased defective clothes and are selling them? Has Falloon Mall started stocking such poor quality that their clothes split while still on the shelves?"

In the real sense, Molly was scared, until Eda Mi crossed Shirley's line. Molly couldn't take it lying down. She didn't care how much others mistreated her personally — but trying to humiliate someone else in front of Molly? No! That was unacceptable. At once, she raised her eyebrows and demanded," One more question. Where does it split, as you claim?"

Eda Mi never thought Molly would disprove her so boldly. In the past, she would rather make concessions for peaceful settlement than stir up trouble

at you didn't have to leave home for purchase."

Eda Mi didn't know Eric, but according to years of experience, she knew that such a handsome and noble-minded man might not be ordinary. Wait! What did he call Molly?


Molly was dumbfounded by all this and didn't know what to do. Eric slightly pinched her shoulder, winking at her as a sign for her to keep still.

Of course, Molly could understand what he meant. Thinking of how Eda Mi had bullied her before, and how she had framed Aunt Shirley by telling a lie today, she said softly to Eric," Honey, I heard you were having a meeting. I was bored to the bone, so I came here with Aunt Shirley, but... unfortunately, an employee here humiliated me!" Molly said coquettishly. In particular, when she said "honey," the voice was deeply emotional.

Eric blinked slightly. He just wanted to revenge Little Molly, but when he heard her call him "honey," he felt very comfortable.

They were thinking differently, not knowing that someone was looking at Molly with piercing eyes as she called Eric "honey."

Brian stood in front of the staircase, with his eyes narrowed and teeth clenched. He just came downstairs. What a coincidence! Otherwise... he would have missed such a sweet scene!

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