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   Chapter 139 So Sad! Leaving With Little Molly (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6010

Updated: 2019-01-27 00:17

"It's okay! I too can pay for you." With that, Shirley dragged Molly into the elevator despite her hesitation. "Don't shy from spending on a few luxuries here and there. It would hurt pride to be a penny-pincher," she advised. We are here to indulge today. In any case, both Richie and Brian only care about themselves, unless you know what to get from them. C'mon Molly. After all the disheartening things we've been through, we need a treat! And today, I am sad, very sad!"

Shirley was talking on and on, while Molly on her part was a little more on the cautious side. On a few occasions when she tried to air out her skepticism about overspending, Shirley simply drowned her out with bubbly talk.

In her senior high school, Molly, like many other girls, had dreamed that she'd one day have enough money for indulgent spending whenever she wished. Now, her big day was here, and yet she hesitated.

She once worked part time in Falloon Mall, so she knew the consumption level here. A simple T-shirt might cost tens of thousands, let alone those costing millions.

Shirley nudged her to go round different stores and try out various clothes. When Molly was done trying, they bought the clothes and asked for home delivery.

When Molly realized that she begrudged the money, she suddenly wondered whether she was destined to be poor! Thinking about it, she smiled ironically. Right now, in the fitting room, she was trying on a mink dress going for slightly over a million dollars. Looking at it and feeling it, Molly frowned. Perhaps, in her mind, she despised such extravagance. Her thoughts trailed off. It was a painful, bitter memory.

"Little Molly, do the clothes fit you?" Shirley's voice came from outside.

Startled out of her reverie, Molly responded and hastened out. Shirle

stant store manager now.

Eda Mi walked to them arrogantly and saw that Shirley was holding new clothes worth millions in her hand. She greeted with an undisguised sneer. "Molly, where have you been the whole month? Where did you make such a fortune? Wow, you are a customer instead of a shop assistant now..." she said with an obvious green eye. They all knew Molly fairly well.

She had a gambling father, a mother with serious health complications, and a little brother who was still in a junior high school. She needed to support the whole family and repay her father's debts. Such a girl could only afford the cheapest clothes in the night market, let alone Falloon Mall. But now, only after a month, it seemed she was swimming in money!

Thinking about that, Eda Mi sneered again," These clothes are damn expensive. If you smudge them... you know, you can't repay for the loss!"

Molly pursed her lips slightly, feeling her earlier humbleness again...

Shirley put the clothes back to the hanger. This time, she didn't keep Molly behind her like a mother. Instead, she was waiting for Molly to deal with it by herself. But after a long time, it seemed Molly was still lost and numb.

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